Episode 34: ’80s Radical Sabbatical Recap

On January 30, 2021, we had the time of our lives with the ’80s Radical Sabbatical virtual festival! Once again, Paul and Del welcome Claire Young and Caroline Connelly, founders of this incredible event, and recap that day.
This is a great episode whether you attended the festival or not. We talk about each segment, from ’80s aerobics to Sebastian Bach to the incredible Grandmaster Flash segment to the cover bands that blew us away to Jim Peterik (along with Cathy Richardson) who absolutely blew everybody away to the legendary Bret Michaels, and much, much more, and many more ’80s legends.
This episode is a blast, and it will make you look forward to another ’80s festival!

You can connect with the ’80s Radical Sabbatical at https://80sradsab.ticketspice.com/80sradsab to get more information, and to check out some merch.

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