Return to the ’80s Trivia – 1/11/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: Which video game featured a jungle explorer, crocodiles, and swinging vines?

Last Question: A fast food franchise had a commercial in the late 80s that challenged customers to sing the “Menu Song.” If you were in the right restaurant, at the right time, and were asked to sing it (and could do it) you would win a million dollars! The “Menu Song” was the entire restaurant menu “Micro-Machine-Man” style. What fast food restaurant had this contest/commercial?

Answer: McDonalds

Big Mac, Mc DLT, a Quarter-Pounder with some cheese, Filet-O-Fish, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a Happy Meal. McNuggets, tasty golden french fries, regular or larger size, and salads: chef salad or garden, or a chicken salad oriental. Big Big Breakfast, Egg McMuffin, hot hot cakes, and sausage. Maybe biscuits, bacon, egg and cheese, a sausage, danish, hash browns too. And for dessert hot apple pies, and sundaes three varieties, a soft-serve cone, three kinds of shakes, and chocolatey chip cookies. And to drink a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and orange drink, A Sprite and coffee, decaf too, A lowfat milk, also an orange juice. I love McDonald’s, good time great taste, and I get this all at one place.


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