Song of the Day: “Desert Moon” by Dennis DeYoung

In honor of Dennis DeYoung’s 75th birthday, today’s Song of the Day is “Desert Moon.” The song “Dessert Moon” is from the Styx founder’s debut solo album, also named Desert Moon. It had been intended to be a Styx song, but the band took a break after falling apart following the Mr. Roboto tour.

The song was released in 1984, and reached the #10 position in the US Billboard Hot 100. This song may be more relatable now that we are older as it is about nostalgia as Dennis DeYoung sings about reconnecting with an old love and recalling the old days.

The video was directed by Jack Cole, who also directed Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” and “Foolish Heart” videos. This video was filmed partly at the train depot and other historic buildings in and around Santa Paula, California.

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