Song of the Day: “Hooked On You” by Sweet Sensation

Today we are going to go with some awesome freestyle dance with “Hooked On You” by Sweet Sensation. Sweet Sensation was originally formed in 1985 with sisters Margie and Mari Fernandez along with Betty Lebron. Sweet Sensation was signed to a production deal with Platinum Vibe Productions, and recording started on their first album, with Betty Lebron on lead vocals. Using “Hooked on You” as an introduction, the trio was signed to Next Plateau Records. “Hooked on You” was released on the Next Plateau label, along with their second single, “Victim of Love (Goodbye Baby).” In 1987, they were picked up by Atco, and their debut album, Take It While It’s Hot, was released. “Hooked on You” peaked at #64. In late 1988, Mari left the group and was replaced by Sheila Vega. The original album cover featured Betty, Margie, and Mari, but in the 1989 re-pressing of their album, new member Sheila Vega replaced Mari on the cover. The vocals of “Hooked on You” were not changed.
But, the song was re-released, and had greater success, reaching #23 on the U.S. charts.
Sweet Sensation would go on to record only one more studio album, 1990s Love Child. This album would produce their biggest hit – the chart topper “If Wishes Came True“.
The split up a few years later. But this freestyle gem still has me “hooked”!

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