Song of the Day: “Healing Hands” by Elton John

412+HP8XgdLIn honor of Elton John’s 75th birthday, today’s song of the day is his 1989 hit, “Healing Hands”. This was the lead single from his Sleeping With the Past, with the follow-ups being “Sacrifice” and “Club at the End of the Street“.  In the U.S., the song peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. In the U.K., the song didn’t even reach the Top 40. However, after Steve Wright of BBC Radio One added “Sacrifice” to his station’s playlist, “Sacrifice” was re-released in the UK as a double A-side with “Healing Hands”. The double A-side record topped the UK Singles Chart for five weeks starting 23 June 1990, becoming the first solo No. 1 hit of Elton John’s career in his native country.

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