GenX Book Club

1ce7f478f30a4aa6ad83922b28ab30ff (1)Hi Everybody, If anybody is interested, I am starting up a GenX Book Club. We will select one book a month (for the time being) that members of Generation X will enjoy. It may be an autobiography/biography of a Gen X celebrity, or books that take place from the 1970s through the 1990s, or books that members of Gen X grew up reading. All generations are welcome here because we’re cool like that. There will be discussions throughout the month on the page, and a Zoom meeting at the end of the month, which may be aired on the Return to the ’80s podcast. And I’ll do my best to get the author to join us. We will start the first book in October, and there are options to vote on which book will kick things off. Some come check it out if you’d like to join this totally rad book club!
There are a couple of places you can join. You can join the Facebook Group, or on the Bookclubs web page.

This month there is a vote to see which book should be the debut selection. Then we will start the book in October. Let me know if you have any questions or trouble signing up.

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