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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 6/6/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: In the James Bond film, Octopussy, who played the title character?

Last Question: Which one of the following was NOT a Carvel ice cream cake?

A. Dumpy the Pumpkin
B. Cookie Puss
C. Fudgie the Whale
D. Patty O’Mint

Answer: D. Patty O’Mint


Cookie Puss


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 3/8/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: What 1950s TV mom voiced Nanny on the 1980s version of “Muppet Babies”?
A. Yvonne De Carlo
B. Lucille Ball
C. Barbara Billingsley
D. Donna Reed

Last Question: Which cereal was “kid-tested, mother-approved”?

A. Kix
B. Special K
C. Wheaties
D. Cheerios

Answer: A. Kix
Great job sweetpurplejune and Pauline (@Dopey62)!!!


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 1/11/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: Which video game featured a jungle explorer, crocodiles, and swinging vines?

Last Question: A fast food franchise had a commercial in the late 80s that challenged customers to sing the “Menu Song.” If you were in the right restaurant, at the right time, and were asked to sing it (and could do it) you would win a million dollars! The “Menu Song” was the entire restaurant menu “Micro-Machine-Man” style. What fast food restaurant had this contest/commercial?

Answer: McDonalds

Big Mac, Mc DLT, a Quarter-Pounder with some cheese, Filet-O-Fish, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a Happy Meal. McNuggets, tasty golden french fries, regular or larger size, and salads: chef salad or garden, or a chicken salad oriental. Big Big Breakfast, Egg McMuffin, hot hot cakes, and sausage. Maybe biscuits, bacon, egg and cheese, a sausage, danish, hash browns too. And for dessert hot apple pies, and sundaes three varieties, a soft-serve cone, three kinds of shakes, and chocolatey chip cookies. And to drink a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and orange drink, A Sprite and coffee, decaf too, A lowfat milk, also an orange juice. I love McDonald’s, good time great taste, and I get this all at one place.


Episode 37: Retro Halloween

Return to the ’80s is finally back with a brand new podcast episode! Caroline and Claire join Del and I to talk all about Halloween. This is a huge range of topics, including music, movies, and candy, as well as Halloween memories. This was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy!
What are some of your favorite Halloween memories? Do you have any favorite Halloween themes music, movies, or television shows/specials? Is there any candy you loved or hated? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below, or contact us on any of the social media outlets listed towards the end of the post.

– Music
– Thriller
– Spotify playlist

– Costumes
– Claire’s Halloween birthday
– Movie talk – Just don’t mention R-A-T-S
The Shining

– Psych – Heeeeere’s Lassie!

– Halloween Kills
– Friday the 13th franchise
– Paul vs. Freddy
– Vampire genre
– St. Louis trick-or-treaters earn candy with jokes
– Candy
– Trick-or-Treating
– Television – “I got a rock”
– More movie talk

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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 10/5/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What 1980 miniseries told the story of an English ship navigator named “Major John Blackthorne” in feudal Japan?

Last Question: 7-UP introduced what fruit-flavored variation in early 1987?

Answer: Cherry 7-UP

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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 6/30/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What is the number of licks the wise owl claims it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

Last Question: Which one of the following could you NOT find in your bowl of Lucky Charms breakfast cereal in the ’80s?
A. Pink Hearts
B. Blue Moons
C. Orange Stars
D. Green Clovers

Answer: B. Blue Moons
Blue Moons were included in 1995.


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 6/2/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What burger chain was hyped in ads by the milkshake-loving Sir Shakes-A-Lot?

Last Question: Who earned Oscar nominations as Best Supporting Actor for roles as both a pimp and a chauffeur?

Answer: Morgan Freeman

He was nominated for his role as Leo “Fast Black” Smalls, Jr. in Street Smart (1987) and as Hoke Colburn in Driving Miss Daisy (1989)


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 5/25/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What series featured Stephen Baldwin and Josh Brolin as young Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok?

Last Question: What rock star had an ice-cream flavor named for him, a year after he’d survived a diabetic coma?

Answer: Jerry Garcia

Cherry Garcia was the first Ben & Jerry’s flavor I ever tried.