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Quote of the Day: Eddie Murphy: Delirious


Eddie Murphy: There’s something about the icecream truck that makes kids lose it. And they can hear that shit from ten blocks away. They don’t hear their mothers calling but they hear that motherfucking icecream truck.

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Eddie Murphy: Icecream man always drove extra blocks away. And I know he’s seen us and shit, but I think he just be in the car with his friends and say:
[imitating the ice cream man] Watch me how fast I make these motherfuckers run.

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Quote of the Day: Cheers


Woody: Kelly’s coming back from Europe today.

Frasier: Ah, she’s hopping the pond.

Woody: What?

Frasier: Well, the pond. It’s a reference to the Atlantic.

Woody: Why, Dr. Crane. The Atlantic is an ocean. How many of those have you had?

Frasier: Apparently, not enough.


Rebecca: So did you get a chance to see Carla’s babies?

Sam: We sure did. They are two of the cutest little guys you have ever seen.

Rebecca: Who do they look like Carla or Eddie.

Woody: Well they’re twins. They kinda’ look like each other.

wade boggs
[Red Sox star Wade Boggs enters Cheers]

Wade Boggs: Hi, I’m Wade Boggs.

Norm: Yeah, pal, and I’m Babe Ruth.

Cliff: And I’m Dizzy Dean.

Woody: I’m Woody Boyd.

woody and sam

Sam: You know what Woody, you just gave me something to think about.

Woody: I’m sorry Sam, I hate it when someone does that to me.


Happy 58th birthday to Woody Harrelson!!!

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Quote of the Day: Aliens


Ripley: [pointing to part of gun Hicks is showing her] What’s this?

Corporal Hicks: That’s the grenade launcher. I don’t think you want to mess with that.

Ripley: You started this. Show me everything. I can handle myself.

Corporal Hicks: [chuckles] Yeah, I noticed.

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Aliens was released in theaters on this day, 33 years ago (July 18, 1986)

Quote of the Day: Weekend at Bernie’s

Larry Wilson: I have an idea!

Richard Parker: [shouting] What? What is it?

Larry Wilson: Lomax told whoever he was talking to not to kill us while he’s around.

Richard Parker: Yes, but Bernie’s dead. He’s not around anymore.

Larry Wilson: Yeah. I know that. You know that. Nobody else knows that.


People were dying to see Weekend at Bernie’s, as the film opened in theaters on this day 30 years ago (July 5, 1989).

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