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Daily Trivia: 12/15/11

Question: What group was formed by drummer Terry Bozzio and his wife Dale, a former Playboy Bunny who sported Plexiglass bras?

Last Question: In The Outsiders, who played “Sodapop”?

Answer: Rob Lowe

The Outsiders was one of my favorite novels when I was a teenager. And for once, the movie adaption did not disappoint. It didn’t hurt that there was a stellar cast. Here are some of the stars from the movie that may sound familiar:

C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis
Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade
Matt Dillon as Dallas “Dally” Winston
Rob Lowe as Sodapop “Soda” Curtis
Patrick Swayze as Darrel “Darry” Curtis
Emilio Estevez as Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews
Tom Cruise as Steve Randle
Diane Lane as Sherri “Cherry” Valance
Leif Garrett as Bob Sheldon

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Daily Trivia: 12/14/11

Question: In The Outsiders, who played “Sodapop”?

Last Question: What NBC show dared to run a sixth season, despite the loss of its cast and most of the writers?

Answer: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live‘s sixth season – during the 1980–1981 television season – was perhaps it’s most controversial. This season became notorious as it was considered by many critics and fans to be one of the worst seasons ever. Lorne Michaels, the executive producer, had left at the end of the previous season, along with the entire cast and all but one writer (Brian Doyle-Murray). The sixth season began with a completely new cast, new writers, and a new producer, Jean Doumanian.

Doumanian hired Denny Dillon, Gilbert Gottfried, Gail Matthius, Joe Piscopo, Ann Risley, and Charles Rocket as repertory players, and Yvonne Hudson, Matthew Laurance, and Patrick Weathers as featured cast members. Doumanian initially did not want to hire Eddie Murphy (preferring instead Robert Townsend), Murphy was added in place of Townsend (as a featured player) starting with the fourth episode after much convincing from her colleagues and staff.

The show was not good at all. It also didn’t help that this cast followed the legendary original cast.

The troubled show then had major controversy on its February 21, 1981 episode. The episode was hosted by Charlene Tilton (of the show Dallas). It featured a parody of “Who Shot J.R. Ewing? called “Who Shot C.R.?” where there was a cliffhanger where cast member Charles Rocket was “shot” in the last sketch of the episode, after a running gag in which other members of the cast shared their grievances about Rocket with one another. Onstage for the goodnights, Dallas star and that week’s host, Charlene Tilton, asked Rocket (who was still in character and sitting in a wheelchair) his thoughts on being shot. “Oh man, it’s the first time I’ve been shot in my life”, he replied. “I’d like to know who the fuck did it.” This was not the first (or last) time the expletive would be uttered live on SNL. But, Rocket, producer Jean Doumanian, and most of the cast were fired, with the exception of Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo. Because of this shakeup, the show went on hiatus for a month.

SNL was given one more chance when Dick Ebersol, one of the original developers of SNL in 1974 and the man responsible for hiring Lorne Michaels as show-runner in 1975, was hired to replace Doumanian. He hired Robin Duke, Tim Kazurinsky, and Tony Rosato. At the end of the season, he would eliminate the rest of the 1980 cast except for Murphy and Piscopo. And the end of the season came much sooner than expected.

Dick Ebersol’s first produced episode was on April 11, 1981. After Ebersol’s first episode, the 1981 Writers’ Guild of America strike started, forcing the show into a hiatus during which it was extensively retooled.

SNL has recovered, as it is in its 37th season. There have been some off-years in seasons where the cast was being rebuilt. But there have been some great casts over the years – especially in the late-80s/early 90s, in my opinion.

Here a promo for that fateful season 6:

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Daily Trivia: 12/13/11

Question: What NBC show dared to run a sixth season, despite the loss of its cast and most of the writers?

Last Question: How many times was the song “Footloose” played in the movie Footloose? (And I mean the original movie!)

Answer: 3

It was played during the opening, then it was playing in the bar scene when Rusty (Sarah Jessica Parker) couldn’t contain herself, and just had to leave Willard at the table so she could dance. And of course the third time was in the final dance scene at the prom.

Here is the opening scene:



I could not find the bar scene online anywhere, but here is the final dance:

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Daily Trivia: 12/8/11

Question: What future Oscar-winner played roomate Maggie Lauten in the first season of A Different World?

Last Question: In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, what is Eddie’s dog named?

Answer: Snot

He’s cute ain’t he? Only problem is, he’s got a little bit a Mississippi leg hound in ‘im. If the mood catches him right, he’ll grab your leg and just go to town. You don’t want him around if you’re wearing short pants, if you know what I mean. Word of warning though, if he does lay into ya, it’s best to just let ‘im finish.

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Daily Trivia: 12/5/11

Question: What M*A*S*H veteran was brought in to play Major Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later, when Larry Hagman was too busy with Dallas?

Last Question: In A Christmas Story, Which Christmas song were Ralphie, Randy, and his mother singing in the car before they got a flat tire?

Answer: “Jingle Bells”

In a scene where the whole family was driving home, Mrs. Parker and her sons were in the Christmas spirit. They decided to show it by singing very loudly, while the old man just drove making faces of disgust. They ended the song with a raspberry and giggles, then heard a pop. That’s when they realized they had a flat, so the old man raced out to fix the flat tire. Ralphie also went out to help his father. This was right before the infamous ‘Oooooh Fuuuudge’ moment!

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Daily Trivia: 12/2/11

Question: In A Christmas Story, Which Christmas song were Ralphie, Randy, and his mother singing in the car before they got a flat tire?

Last Question: How much money did Brewster need to spend in the movie, Brewster’s Millions?

Answer: $30 million

Monty Brewster (Richard Pryor) is told that his recently deceased great-uncle Rupert Horn (Hume Cronyn), whom he has never met, has left him his entire fortune because Monty is his only living blood relative. There was a catch, however. Brewster had spend $30 million within 30 days to inherit $300 million. If he failed to do so, he would get “didley”. Here is the trailer of this fun movie:

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Daily Trivia: 12/1/11

Question: How much money did Brewster need to spend in the movie, Brewster’s Millions?

Last Question: How many seasons did Benson air on ABC?

A. 5 seasons
B. 7 seasons
C. 8 seasons
D. 9 seasons

Answer: B. 7 seasons

Benson (played by Robert Guillaume, who celebrated his birthday yesterday) was the Tate’s wise-cracking butler on the television show, Soap. The scene stealer spun off his own show, Benson, which aired for 7 seasons (September 13, 1979, to April 19, 1986).

Benson had been hired to be the head of household affairs for scatterbrained and widowed Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble), and his daughter Katie (Missy Gold). The Governor was cousins with Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond) and Mary Campbell (Cathryn Damon) from Soap.

Benson worked his way up the ladder during the series, going from head of household affairs, to state budget director, and eventually was elevated to the position of Lieutenant Governor.

During the final episodes of the series, Benson ran for Governor. Governor Gatling had thought that he was prohibited from running for re-election due to term limits. So Benson won the nomination of Gatling’s party. Then Governor Gatling found out that he could run again if he did so as an independent candidate. So, that is what he did – which pitted the two friends against each other.

Later it was revealed that he could run again if he did so as an independent candidate, which he decided to do. By this time, Benson had already won the nomination of Gatling’s party, setting the stage for the two to go head-to-head in the general election.

In the series finale, it was election night. The race was still too close to call. But Benson and Gatling made up with each other, and watched the election returns together on television. The series ended as the broadcaster began to announce that a winner in the close election. So we never found out who won the election.

Over the course of the show’s seven-year run it was nominated for a total of 17 Emmy’s. It won two, including Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Guillaume’s second-to-last season portraying the title character, marking the first, and to this day only time an African-American actor has won the award.

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Daily Trivia: 11/29/11

Question: What type of geek did pro wrestling manager Fred Blassie immortalize in song?

Last Question: What historical character did the Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin play in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Answer: Joan of Arc

Here is Jane in action, getting picked up by Bill and Ted, and then hijacking an aerobics class in he San Dimas mall:

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Daily Trivia: 11/22/11

Question: What “original party animal” was actually a female bull terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye?

Last Question: What 1982 movie musical gave child star Aileen Quinn her 15 minutes of fame?

Answer: Annie

Here is a nice “Where Are They Now?” article from Mail Online, ouit of the U.K.:

She was the cheeky-faced, curly haired red head who won the hearts of millions of moviegoers across the world as the all-singing all-dancing little orphan Annie.
But almost 30 years on from the box office smash that shot her to fame at the tender age of 11, actress Aileen Quinn has retraced the dimple-faced orphan’s steps as she spoke about her iconic role.
Quinn, now 40, pulled herself out of the ‘where are they now?’ file to speak to ABC Primetime Nightline in a show for the network’s new series, ‘Famous and Underage’.

Quinn spoke to the show about her life since being catapulted to fame in 1982.
Now living in Los Angeles, she is trying to pick up her acting career again, she said she still yearns to land a role as big as Annie, but will be happy just to get back in the spotlight again.

She said: ‘I realise that the film was iconic and who knows if I’ll ever do another iconic film but I just want to keep working as an actress – it doesn’t matter if it’s iconic!
‘Just to be working gain as an actress and possibly doing TV would just be great. It’s not about how big the role is.

And she was also filmed returning to New Jersey’s Monmouth University which doubled as the mansion of Daddy Warbucks – played by Albert Finney – who ends up adopting Annie.
The musical, which was choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance? judge Arlene Phillips, was based on the comic books from the 1930s and told the story of Annie who lived in an orphanage run by the mean and alcoholic Miss Hannigan, played by Carol Burnett.

After escaping the orphanage, she spends the week with billionaire businessman Warbucks who then makes a public appeal to find her real parents.
Step forward Miss Hannigan’s jailbird brother Rooster, played by Tim Curry, who, along with blonde bombshell girlfriend Lily St Regis, falsely claims to be her parents so they can claim the $50,000 reward.
But all’s well that ends well when their plan is foiled and Annie is adopted by Warbucks.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Arlene Phillips said Aileen was a very talented girl.
She added: ‘Hard to believe she was a kid – formidable tap dancer and a brain that worked twice as fast as anyone else and a showbiz mum. Says it all.’

Annie won Oscars for Best Music, Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score because of its iconic songs including Tomorrow, Hard Knock Life and You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.
In January last year it was annouced that Will Smith was planning a remake starring his daughter Willow in the lead role and was in talk with Jay-Z to provide the music.

I just puked in my mouth reading that last sentence. Leave the 80s alone, Will!! Or if your going to go trampling over more 80s stuff, why don’t you have you kids remake “Parents Just Don’t Understand”, or star in a remake of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”!

Now that I’m done with that tangent, here is Aileen Quinn as Annie singing “Tomorrow” in the movie:

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Daily Trivia: 11/17/11

Question: On Hill Street Blues, what would Sgt. Esterhaus say at the end of role call?

Last Question: What retail giant was the only suitable place to buy Raymond Babbitt’s boxer shorts, in Rain Man?

Answer: K-Mart

Here is a classic scene from the movie:

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