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Sacha Baron Cohen set for Freddie Mercury biopic

I don’t know what to think about this. Queen is one of my all time favorite bands, and Freddie Mercury is my favorite singer. Now Borat is going to be playing him in a movie.
Here is the article from the Associated Press:

LONDON – “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen has been signed up to star in a movie about flamboyant rock star Freddie Mercury, producers said Friday.

Peter Morgan, who wrote “The Queen,” is working on a screenplay about the frontman of the band Queen, who died of AIDS-related causes in 1991.

The as-yet-untitled film will climax with Queen’s barnstorming appearance at the 1985 Live Aid concert in London.

The announcement was made by GK Films, which is producing with Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions and Queen Films.

Production is due to begin next year, and a director has yet to be chosen.

Founded in 1971 by Mercury, guitarist Brian May, bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor, Queen scored hits with songs including “We Are the Champions,” “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

May told the BBC that the band supports the project, and May and Taylor will oversee the music for the film. There was no word on whether Baron Cohen will try to imitate Mercury’s grandiose singing style, but the comedian has appeared in several musicals, including Tim Burton’s film version of “Sweeney Todd.”

He said the choice of Baron Cohen, creator of wannabe rapper Ali G, Kazakh journalist Borat and Austrian fashionista Bruno, “will probably be a shock to a lot of people, but he’s been talking with us for a long time.”

“He’s been in on this project since we started talking about it seriously with Peter Morgan a couple of years ago.” May said.

Baron Cohen’s latest film is Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo Cabret.”

The one saving grace is that Brian May and Roger Taylor approve, and they will be overseeing the music.

What are your thoughts?

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Bon Jovi Greatest Hits Track List Released

Here is the track listing of Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits, which will be released on November 9th. There will be a Greatest Hits version, which is 1 disc, and there is The Ultimate Collection, which is 2 discs. You can pre-order at the record company, Island Def Jam’s, web site.

DISC 1 (Ultimate & Standard)

1. Livin’ On A Prayer
2. You Give Love a Bad Name
3. It’s My Life
4. Have a Nice Day
5. Wanted Dead or Alive
6. Bad Medicine
7. We Weren’t Born to Follow
8. I’ll Be There For You
9. Born to Be My Baby
10. Blaze of Glory
11. Who Says You Can’t Go Home (duet featuring Jennifer Nettles)
12. Lay Your Hands On Me
13. Always
14. Runaway
15. What Do You Got? * New Song
16. No Apologies * New Song

DISC 2 (Ultimate Collection Only)

1. In These Arms
2. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
3. Lost Highway
4. Keep The Faith
5. When We Were Beautiful
6. Bed of Roses
7. This Ain’t a Love Song
8. These Days
9. (You Want to) Make a Memory
10. Blood on Blood
11. This is Love This is Life * New Song
12. The More Things Change * New Song

Music Video of the Week – 9/15/10

Today’s selection, in honor of drummer/singer Kelly Keagy’s 58th birthday, is “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger:

Night Ranger is one of my favorite bands, and in my opinion is one of the most underrated. “Sister Christian” is their most successful song as it reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single came off of the album Midnight Madness, and was released in 1984. The song was written and sung by Kelly Keagy. The song is about Keagy’s little sister, Christy. He wrote the song after visiting his hometown, and seeing how fast his teenaged sister, 10 years younger than he, was growing up. The original title was “Sister Christy,” but the rest of the band thought Keagy was singing “Sister Christian,” so that became the title.
There was controversy about the lyric “You’re motoring. What’s your price for flight? In finding Mr. Right?”. in a VH-1 Behind the Music interview, the band said that the term “motoring” was synonymous with the term “cruising.” Cruising can be meant as driving around slowly, socializing with friends, or it can mean driving around looking for people to pick up for casual sex. When Keagy visited his family he heard second hand about his sister cruising for a man to casually sleep with. After verifying this with her he was shocked about how fast she was growing up, so he wrote the song.

George Michael gets 8 weeks jail for driving uncer the influence of drugs

According to the Associated Press, George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail and lost his license for five years today for driving under the influence of drugs when he crashed his car into a London photo shop. Michael pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of cannabis following a July 4 collision between his Range Rover and a Snappy Snaps store in north London. Judge John Perkins told the singer he had taken a “dangerous and unpredictable mix” of prescription drugs and marijuana.

“It does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what is clearly an addiction to cannabis,” the judge said. “That’s a mistake which puts you and, on this occasion, the public at risk.”

The judge said Michael would have to serve four weeks of the sentence in prison and the rest on parole.

According to police, Michael appeared “spaced out” when they found him sitting in the car, whose engine was still running, in the wee hours of July 4. He acknowledged smoking marijuana and taking a prescription sedative, prosecutors said.

It was the latest in a string of automotive and drug-related mishaps for the 47-year-old star, who has often spoken of his fondness for marijuana.

In February 2006, he was found slumped at the wheel of his car at London’s busy Hyde Park Corner. That April, he hit three parked cars while trying to maneuver out of a parking space, and admitted being “a terrible driver.”

In October 2006, he was found slumped over the wheel of his car as it blocked an intersection. He pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drugs and was sentenced to community service.

Michael’s lawyer, Mukul Chawla, said the singer felt “profound shame and horror” at his actions.

“It is no exaggeration to describe him as a very kind, considerate and loyal man, constantly concerned for the plight of others,” Chawla said. “The prospect he could have put anyone else in danger is an appalling prospect to him.”

The judge said he was sending Michael to jail “with regret,” and had taken into account his guilty plea and the fact that after the crash he had checked into a clinic to seek help for anxiety, depression and insomnia.

But he said Michael’s previous conviction made a prison sentence inevitable.

Michael sighed as sentence was passed. His long-term partner Kenny Goss buried his head in his hands.

For some reason, this song popped into my head. I forgot that I liked this song:

New Bon Jovi Greatest Hits Album Cover

Bon Jovi’s upcoming Greatest Hits collection will be released on November 9th this year. Bon Jovi’s Facebook page revealed the album cover.
As far as the songs go, here is what was revealed on the bands official web site:

Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS will be a 16-song single disc chock full of the band’s biggest chart-toppers including “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “Always,” “It’s My Life,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” Two new songs, including lead single “What Do You Got,” round out the tracklisting. “What Do You Got?” will hit radio airwaves globally at the end of August.

Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS – THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION will be a 28-song two disc edition made up of the GREATEST HITS CD from the standard edition and a second disc featuring beloved fan favorites including “Bed of Roses,” “Blood on Blood,” “These Days,” and “Keep The Faith” plus the third and fourth new tracks created for this project.

The four new songs (“The More Things Change,” “No Apologies,” “This Is Love, This Is Life” and the first single, “What Do You Got?”) were written specifically for inclusion in this compilation.

The complete tracklistings for Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS and Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS – THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION will be unveiled exclusively at

Here is the new single, “What Do You Got?”:

John Lennon’s murderer, Mark David Chapman, is Denied Parole

According to the New York Daily News, John Lennon’s killer was denied parole yesterday for the sixth time. The parole board panel said that Chapman’s “premeditated senseless and selfish act of tragic consequence” makes his release “inappropriate at this time and incompatible with the welfare of the community.”

Releasing him would “would so deprecate the seriousness of [the] crime as to undermine respect for the law,” the panel said.

The state parole board received 75 letters against Chapman’s release – including one from Yoko Ono, and just 1 memo in favor of his release. There always has to be a contrarian!

Chapman is locked up at Attica Correctional Facility, where he works as a porter and assists other inmates in one of the prison’s law libraries.

Because of his notoriety, Chapman is housed in a special unit apart from the general population.

He is also allowed conjugal visits with his wife, who lives in Hawaii, under the “family reunion program.” Sources have said she visits about once a year.

Chapman is next eligible for parole in 2012.

Music Video of the Week – 9/8/10

This week’s selection is “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince:

“Parents Just Don’t Understand” came off of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s second album, He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper. The song was released in 1988 and won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, and basically launched Will Smith into superstardom. Will Smith is one of the few successful rappers who use clean lyrics.
The beat of the song, and the video style were used in Will Smith’s successful show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Jeff Townes (DJ Jazzy Jeff) also made appearances in the show.
Who would have thought back then that this rapper would go on to launch a successful television show, then go on to become one of the most sought after movie actors in Hollywood?!? He even has the pull to get his son to star in movies such as the successful Karate Kid remake this year.

Trivia Tuesday – 9/7/10

Question: What disease killed off Mark Harmon’s character on St. Elsewhere?

Last Week’s Question: Who teamed with Aretha Franklin in 1987 for her first chart-topper since Respect? What was the name of the song?

Answer: George Michael and “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”

George Michael had always wanted to sing with Aretha, who was one of his favorite singers. His dream came true when he recorded “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”. The song debuted at #59, the week of February 21, 1987. It reached #1 on April 18, 1987, and stayed for 2 weeks. It also reached #1 in the U.K., which made it Aretha’s only #1 song there.

In recent years, George Michael is more known for his legal troubles than his music. But this song was really good:

Back to School: Music Edition

We will wrap up the ‘Back to School’ series with songs about school. I have a list of 3 songs, in no particular order. I’m sure I have to be missing something. So if you know of any other ’80s songs about school or teachers, let me know.

We’ll start with .38 Special’s “Teacher, Teacher” from the movie Teachers, that starred Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, Ralph Macchio, and Richard Mulligan:

Next is Motley Crue’s “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”. I couldn’t get the original video, but here is a live version of it, with the band in their prime:

“Sit down, Waldo!” Let’s finish this off with Van Halen’s classic video, “Hot for Teacher”:

Music Video(s) of the Week – 9/1/10

This week’s selection is in honor of the birthday girl. Debbie Gibson turned 40 yesterday, August 31! (2 days before me). I actually saw her in concert for her Out of the Blue tour. She is extremely talented. And I had quite the crush on her (like, I’m sure, most guys my age did).
After Electric Youth, she did not really appear on the charts too much. If you like her music, I would highly recommend her 1995 album Think With Your Heart.
Happy Birthday, Debbie, and I wish you many more!!

Here are 4 of Deborah’s hits:

Foolish Beat
This song got Debbie into the Guiness Book of World Records as the youngest artist to write, produce, and perform a # 1 hit single.

Only In My Dreams
This was Debbie’s debut single. This came off of the Out of the Blue album, and reached to #4. Not bad for a debut!

Shake Your Love
This was Debbie’s second single, and it also reached up to #4. This video was choreographed by Paula Abdul.

Lost In Your Eyes
This is my favorite Debbie Gibson song by far. This was the first song released off of her second album, Electric Youth. The song easily reached #1, and stayed there for 3 weeks.