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Episode 27: The Breakfast Club

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Lizzie and Paul are back with a new crossover episode between Liz Laugh Cry and Return to the ’80s. This time, they are covering the classic ’80s movie, The Breakfast Club.

First, Paul gives a recap of the Rubix Kube concert he attended, Then Lizzie recaps the Cher concert that she attended.

Then they get into the main topic – The Breakfast Club. Lizzie had never seen the movie before, and Paul gets to relive his ’80s days.

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Episode 19: Rubix Kube/Trixter

This was absolute blast interviewing my favorite band – Rubix Kube. Two of the members of Rubix Kube is also 1/2 of Trixter. So, here are 2 interviews in 1 episode! First up is Cherie and Scott – the lead singers, and John, the drummer. Then the second interview is Steve Brown and PJ Farley the guitarist and bassist, respectively for both Rubix Kube and Trixter.

– Meet Cherie, Scott, and John
– How the band got started
– How the bad got it’s name
– Why Rubix Kube, and not Rubik’s Cube
– Choosing a set list
– You can request a song to be played
– Stage props
– The late, great David Z. got to justify his crazy 80s memorabilia collection
– Scott’s dad’s involvement with Jim Henson’s Muppets
Rubix Kube’s appearance on The Cake Boss
– Don’t eat fondant
– Where the band tours
– Played for the troops
– Don’t peek at the set list!
– Thanks to John, for putting this interview together
– Where did Animal go?
– Find the band online. Just misspell the name, and you’ll find them

– More Rubix Kube band members – who also happen to be members of the band Trixter – Steve Brown and PJ Farley
– Awesome debut album. Then came the dark period for all of us ’80s music fans – Grunge
– Other projects
– Reunited in 2008
– Yes, Paul just compared Trixter to Bon Jovi and Def Leppard
– New Audio Machine and Human Era
– Eric Martin and the Trixters. The guys tour with Mr. Big’s Eric Martin
– Maybe we will hear more from these guys
– Steve Brown’s tenure with Def Leppard – Do all those Mutt Parts

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Return to…The Kube!!

Rubix Kube 3: Return of the ’80s

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Sittin’ On a Step

Hi Everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Cherie, lead singer of my favorite band – Rubix Kube, has just released a solo single on iTunes. The song is called “Sittin’ On a Step“, and she released it under the name Cherie Darling. Cherie is such an incredible and versatile singer. This song has kind of a bluesy/country feel to it. I may be a little biased, but I love it.

If you like it, you can go ahead and purchase it on iTunes.

Return to the '80s and Rubix Kube

Congratulations Cherie!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

Rubix Kube 3: Return of the ’80s

Rubix Kube opening In what is becoming a regular occurrence, I got to see “The Galaxy’s Most Original 80s Tribute Band”, Rubix Kube once again! They came to my area, Foxboro, Massachusetts, last Saturday night, March 14, 2015 at the Showcase Live. This is now the 3rd time I’ve seen the unofficial house band of Return to the ’80s. I’ve written about my first experience with seeing the band, as well as my second time. So, we’ll continue the trend here.

When I arrived, I was there around the same time as the previous concerts. But, something was a little different this time. There were quite a few more people than usual. We were all psyched to learn that the concert was sold out! I am so happy that this awesome band is becoming more and more popular, as well they should.

Personally, I Return to the ’80s every day. But, it is just so rejuvenating to be in a big room with so many people that love the ’80s as much as me. It is so electrifying. And if any of you are able to go see this incredible band, I highly recommend it.

Like most bands, there are some songs that are crowd favorites, and become staples that get played every time. In this case, we got “If I Could Turn Back Time”, “Here I Go Again”, and of course the closers – “Video Killed the Radio Star” and “Don’t Stop Believin'”. We also got some songs that I had not seen the band perform yet, which made the show fresh and exciting.

Now, I’ll share some pictures, and a couple of videos, from this incredible night.

Come on EileenIn the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, Rubix Kube played the Irish sounding “Come On Eileen.” In this picture is lead singer Cherie and lead guitarist Steve.


more of the bandHere is the other lead singer – Scott and bass player David Z.


MickeyOh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!


A Guns ‘n’ Roses reunion?!?

like a virgininto the groove

Madonna in the house!! We got some old school Madonna with “Like a Virgin” and “Into the Groove”

dead or aliveThis was a pleasant surprise!! They did such a great job with “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”


straight up“Straight Up”, we got some Paula Abdul!!!

And here is a first! Steve Brown, founder and lead guitarist of the rock band, Trixter and more recently with Def Leppard, brings out his inner Daryl Hall with “You Make My Dreams Come True.” You can go ahead and watch this!

africa Here is another surprise. The band performed one of my favorite ’80s songs – “Africa” by Toto.

time of my lifeRubix Kube gave us “The Time of Our Lives”!

hair bandWe pretty much rocked out the rest of the night!

litaCherie was awesome as Lita Ford doing “Kiss Me Deadly”.

This part was awesome! You can watch the video. It starts with Steve Brown singing “You Give Love a Bad Name”, then turns it over to Scott with “Livin’ On a Prayer”. So awesome. You can get a sense of the energy of the crowd a little. It is nothing compared to being there, but it’s still awesome!

heartbreakerHere is a picture of Cherie performing “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar. She was incredible! You can tell that she grew up listening and singing Pat Benatar. I wish I took video of this. But as you could probably tell, I was right near the front of the stage. So, I didn’t want to be one of “those people holding up the phone the entire time.

ozzyozzy2We took a ride on the “Crazy Train” with some Ozzy!

I am always blown away every time I see this band. If you follow my site, you would definitely love going to one of these concerts. You’ll be hooked!

You can learn more about the band, and check out their schedule on their web site.
You can also ‘Like’ their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. And you can subscribe to their YouTube page.

So, go check them out whenever you can, and maybe I’ll see you there!