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Top 40 Songs This Week – March 25, 1989: Songs 10-1

Hi Everybody! Welcome back to this week’s countdown! If you missed the previous posts, you can check out songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11. Well, there are no more hair bands the rest of the way. But, we do have some of the best ballads of the year right here in this top 10. Now, let’s Return to the week ending March 25, 1989, and wrap up the countdown.

10. “You’re Not Alone” by Chicago

This is one of my favorite songs on the great album that is Chicago 19. I love Bill Champlin’s vocals in every song he does.

“You’re Not Alone” on Amazon

9. “Roni” by Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown was white hot at this time. This ballad was the third single released from his incredible Don’t Be Cruel album. This hit, written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, would peak at #3 on the Hot 100.

“Roni” on Amazon

8. “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was)

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom
Oh man, I feel like I shouldn’t like this song, but I think it’s so much fun. I do like a lot of funk songs though. And this song does stay with you. Now, Open the door, get on the floor /
Everybody walk the dinosaur

“Walk the Dinosaur” on Amazon

Now is the part of the countdown where we see what was topping some of the other charts this week:

The #1 Country song was “New Fool at an Old Game” by Reba McEntire.

Topping the R&B chart was “Closer Than Friends” by Surface.

“I’ll Be You” by The Replacements topped the Rock charts (not to be confused with “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts).

The top Adult Contemporary tune was our #16 hit on the Hot 100 – “You Got It” by Roy Orbison.

The best album in the country this week was Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson.

Finally, the #1 Dance song is our #7 song on the Hot 100 this week…

7. “She Drives Me Crazy” by The Fine Young Cannibals

I never cared for this song. It got so much airplay that it drove me crazy. But, if given the choice to listen to this either song, or most current songs on the radio today, I would pick this one.

“She Drives Me Crazy” on Amazon

6. “Lost In Your Eyes” by Debbie Gibson

Even though my music taste leans heavily towards rock, I have never hidden my love for Debbie Gibson on this site. This is her signature hit. Even people, who look down on her, do like this song. This had been a #1 hit for three straight weeks.

Lost In Your Eyes on Amazon

5. “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Rod Stewart

Since it seems like all Rod Stewart has done for well over a decade was release his Great American Songbook series, I always forget how good he really is. His 1988 album, Out of Order, is outstanding. This song, from that album, is a nice ballad and was the highest charting song from that album. It peaked at #4.

“My Heart Can’t Tell You No” on Amazon

4. “The Look” by Roxette

I love this Swedish duo so much!! This song was their global breakthrough hit. It would hit number 1 in several countries, including the U.S. This is a really good rock song from Roxette’s awesome Look Sharp! album.

“The Look” on Amazon

3. “Girl You Know It’s True” by Milli Vanilli

This was a huge pop hit at the time. I didn’t hate it, but it’s not something I would be able to listen to on a regular basis. This was the song that exposed Milli Vanilli as lip synchers. While “performing” this song at a concert in Connecticut, the album began skipping and repeating on the same lyric. This was a huge scandal at the time, which destroyed Milli Vanilli. If this happened today, it would be called just another Friday.

“Girl You Know It’s True” on Amazon

2. “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles

This classic love ballad is one of The Bangles’ signature songs. With this song and “Walk Like an Egyptian“, the Bangles became only the third girl group to score multiple number-ones in the United States, after the Supremes and the Shirelles.

“Eternal Flame” on Amazon

1. “The Living Years” by Mike + The Mechanics

What a way to finish the countdown! This is easily my favorite song by Mike + The Mechanics, and one of my favorite songs of the decade. Paul Carrack sings lead vocals on the song. This is an emotional song about a tumultuous father/son relationship and the son’s regret of the unresolved issues after his father died. After all, It’s too late when we die / To admit we don’t see eye to eye

The lyrics are great and the music is great.

“The Living Years” on Amazon

Well, that wraps up this week’s countdown. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. The next countdown will be earlier in the decade to more of the classic ’80s music we all know and love. Until then, Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

Top 40 Songs This Week – March 25, 1989: Songs 20-11

Hi Everybody! Welcome back to this week’s countdown! If you missed the previous posts, you can check out songs 40-31 and 30-21. Once again, we have a crazy diverse day. We have hair bands, R&B, and pop. And, we also have a Long Distance Dedication! So, let’s Return to the week ending March 25, 1989, and continue the countdown.

20. “Your Mama Don’t Dance” by Poison

We begin today with Poison’s cover of the Loggins and Messina hit, “Your Mama Don’t Dance”. The Loggins and Messina version reached all the way up to #4 in 1972. While Poison didn’t go as high with the song, they did manage to reach #10. This song was kind of a let down for me. But, next year, Poison would release what I feel was their best album – Flesh and Blood.

“Your Mama Don’t Dance” by Poison on Amazon

19. “I Beg Your Pardon” by Kon Kan

This is one of those songs that I didn’t recognize by the title, but remembered it when I heard it. This has that classic late-80s New Wavey synthpop sound. This song was a worldwide hit for the Canadian synthpop band.

“I Beg Your Pardon” by Kon Kan on Amazon

18. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids On The Block

Oh Good Lord!!! I forgot that we are now in a point in time where the New Kids were white hot. Well, I was never a part of their target audience, so this is not my thing. They are local to me, so I am happy for their success. Donnie is awesome in Blue Bloods, and I actually do enjoy the A&E show, Wahlburgers. I still haven’t been to one of those restaurants yet. By the way, who would have thought that 26 years after this song, New Kids On the Block would still be touring?!?

“You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids On The Block on Amazon

17. “Superwoman” by Karyn White

“Superwoman” is the second single from R&B singer Karyn White’s self-titled debut album, Karyn White (1988). It became her second U.S. top ten hit and second U.S. R&B number-one hit.

Here is a nice R&B song by Karyn White. She had a nice string of hits in the late ’80s through early ’90s. She then left the music business to start a family. In 2012, she released her first studio album in 17 years – Carpe Diem.

“Superwoman” by Karyn White on Amazon

16. “You Got It” by Roy Orbison

Here is the second song, of this list, titled “You Got It” (minus “The Right Stuff”). I remember this song very well, but thought this was an older song from the ’60s. This song reached #9, and was Orbison’s first Top 10 hit in 25 years. Unfortunately, Orbison never saw this return to the charts, as he died of a heart attack the previous December at the age of 52. A couple of his Traveling Wilburys played on this song – Jeff Lynne on backing vocals and electric guitar, and Tom Petty on backing vocals and acoustic guitar.

“You Got It” by Roy Orbison on Amazon

15. “Just Because” by Anita Baker

Here is another really good R&B hit. This is my favorite song so far today. Anita Baker won a Grammy with this song for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

“Just Because” by Anita Baker on Amazon

14. “Stand” by R.E.M.

Ugh, I can’t “Stand” this song! I don’t know what it is about R.E.M., but they just irritate me. This song just sounds like an annoying children’s song. I will give them credit for having a unique sound.

“Stand” by R.E.M. on Amazon

Now we’re up to our Long Distance Dedication. This is the feature that reminds us what popular music is all about…songs helping us to express important feelings. Here is a letter from Robert from Nebraska:

Dear Casey,

This dedication is for the most important person in my life. I had the great experience of growing up in Frankfurt, Germany. I was part of military family and we moved quite a few times. I was a quiet, shy boy and I had a few good friends, but always had difficulty being comfortable in groups, especially if girls were present. I never really dated much – until the beginning of my senior year when I met Diana. I had signed up for the bus to take us to an away football game. The buses were crowded and I was forced to sit next to one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Naturally, I was nervous and had trouble even looking as her- not to mention talking to her. During the football game we gave each other side glances and on the trip home we again sat together- not because we had to this time. When we got back to the school, I somehow summoned enough courage to ask for her phone number. The rest, as they say, is history. We became inseparable and did everything together. Eventually, the time came to return to the U.S. for college. We decided to go to school in Nebraska – I just could not imagine being without her. I was leaving the first week of July and she would leave at the end of August. We spent every day until that week in June. These were the best days I had ever had. I was worried that things would not work out while we were apart and these could be the last days I would ever see her. Casey, would you please play “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx. This song reminds me of the great times I spent with Diana and how much she meant to me. Thank you.

P.S. Casey, everything did work out. This summer we will celebrate our 25th anniversary with our four wonderful children. Even today this song reminds me of her and that summer after our senior year.

Robert. Here is your long distance dedication

From 1987, that was “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx, a long distance dedication from Robert in Nebraska, to his wife Diana.

Now. On with the countdown.

“Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx on Amazon

13. “Don’t Tell Me Lies” by Breathe

I had never heard this song before. I do like some songs by Breathe, so I was hoping this would be a pleasant surprise. It’s not bad. Not great either, but far from the worst on this countdown.

“Don’t Tell Me Lies” by Breathe on Amazon

12. “Dreamin'” by Vanessa Williams

This is the third R&B song today, and it is another winner! This was Vanessa’s first top 40 hit, and first #1 R&B hit.

“Dreamin'” by Vanessa Williams on Amazon

11. “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses

This is, by far, my favorite Guns N’ Roses tune! It is such a perfect rock song. From Steven Adler’s awesome drumming to Slash’s classic guitar sound, to Axl’s voice, which is perfect for this song. They are just firing on all cylinders at this point. I think that if they all got along, kept their s*!t together, they would have survived through the grunge era. Everybody has been waiting for the original lineup to get back together for years. And after Eddie Trunk’s recent interview with Steven Adler, there is a buzz about this happening. I’m not holding my breathe though.

“Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses on Amazon

Top 40 Songs This Week – March 25, 1989: Songs 30-21

Hi Everybody! Welcome back to this week’s countdown! At this point in time, we were getting away from that classic early to mid-’80s sound. It is kind of sad as we begin to move out of the ’80s. But, I did love the huge range of musical styles. For example, yesterday we had Metallica and Enya on the same list! Today also has a mix of rock acts and pop acts.
There are going to be a couple of different things about today’s list. For each song, I will include an Amazon link to the song. Then you can download it, and put it on your iPod, MP3 player, whatever listening device you use. Don’t worry though. You can still click on the song title to listen/watch the YouTube video of the song.
The second change is that I am going to throw an older song into this list. I listen to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 station on iHeartRadio whenever I get a chance. I noticed that he often plays an older song in addition to the Long Distance Dedication. So I will do the same thing here.
Now, let’s Return to the week ending March 25, 1989, and continue the countdown.

30. “Room to Move” by Animotion

I had heard this song before. But, I had no idea that Animotion (best known for their smash hit, “Obsession“) was the band who performed this. It has that distinctive late-’80s sound. This song was also featured in the 1988 movie, My Stepmother Is an Alien, starring Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger.

“Room to Move” by Animotion on Amazon

29. “Surrender to Me” by Ann Wilson and Robin Zander

This is one of my favorite duets of all-time. I bought the 45 of this song before I joined the Navy. You can’t go wrong with Ann Wilson lead singer of Heart, who I think has one of the best rock voices ever. She sounded really good with Robin Zander, the lead singer of Cheap Trick. It also doesn’t hurt that Richard Marx was one of the songwriters here, as he was at the top of his game. This song was also featured in a 1988 movie. This one was for Tequila Sunrise starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell.

“Surrender to Me” by Ann Wilson and Robin Zander on Amazon

28. “Second Chance” by .38 Special

.38 Special is mainly known for their upbeat rock songs. However, this awesome ballad would be the band’s biggest hit, peaking at #6. It also peaked at #2 on the Mainstream Rock chart, and became the band’s first #1 single on the Adult Contemporary chart.

“Second Chance” by .38 Special on Amazon

27. “I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi

This is one of the biggest power ballads of all-time. Bon Jovi was in the peak of their incredible run at this point, and this song shot right up to #1. I still love this song. Richie Sambora’s backing vocals are just incredible. And it feels like Jon is putting everything he has into this song – Especially, at the part where he screams after the lyrics I didn’t mean to miss your birthday, baby/I wish I’d seen you blow those candles out. So, so great!

“I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi on Amazon

26. “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Lōc

He’s back. Yesterday, we hit Tone Lōc’s “Wild Thing”. Now here is his other song. This song does sound like “Wild Thing” to me, but I still like it.

“Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Lōc on Amazon

25. “Like a Prayer” by Madonna

This is one of my favorite Madonna songs. It was the first song released off of the album of the same name. I think that Like a Prayer was Madonna’s last solid album. I would not hear this title track until I got to San Diego a month later. I instantly loved this song, and still love it today.

“Like a Prayer” by Madonna on Amazon

24. “Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus

I love this song by Deon Estus! Deon was the bass player in Wham!, and was the bassist on George Michael’s first two solo albums. And how’s this for a resume? Deon has played with Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Frank Zappa, George Clinton, Annie Lennox, Edgar Winter, Aaron Neville, and Elton John. This song was his biggest hit, peaking all the way up at #5. George Michael sang the backing vocals here.

“Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus on Amazon

“Our Day Will Come” by Ruby and the Romantics

This countdown took place 26 years ago this week. Now that we have Returned to 1989, let’s go back another 26 years – to 1963. This week in 1963, unless you saw them in a club in Hamburg Germany, chances are that you have never heard of the Beatles yet. Before the music landscape changed forever, let’s take a look at what was at the top of the charts this week in 1963.
It was Ruby and the Romantics. Their song “Our Day Will Come” was their first mainstream hit, and it topped the charts. They didn’t go on to be anywhere near as successful.

“Our Day Will Come” by Ruby and the Romantics on Amazon

OK, I had enough of that for now. Let’s Return to 1989.

23. “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul

Yeah, yeah, I know. Now a lot of you want to go back to 1963 again! But, this was a huge hit, and put Paula Abdul on the map. I know I loved this song when it came out. I don’t love it so much now, but it’s still not bad to hear once in a while.

“Straight Up” by Paula Abdul on Amazon

22. “Cryin'” by Vixen

I love Vixen! I could not get enough of this all-female hard rock group. They are mainly known for this song and “Edge of a Broken Heart“. But, I loved every song on their first two albums. And I still love them today.

“Cryin'” by Vixen on Amazon

21. “More Than You Know” by Martika

I was unfamiliar with this hit from the “Toy Soldiers” singer, Martika. Martika rose to prominence by starring in the musical television show, Kids Incorporated, which also launched the careers of Stacy Ferguson (aka Fergie) and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Martika was a stand-out on that show. I love her voice. I don’t know why, but even though I was really into rock (and still am), I loved this freestyle pop sound of the very late ’80s.

“More Than You Know” by Martika on Amazon

I hope you are all enjoying this trip back to 1989. At least this gives you something else to listen to instead of Taylor Swift.
Tomorrow is going to be an even bigger range of musical styles than it was today. And tomorrow, we will have the return of the Long Distance Dedication!!! So come back tomorrow, and check it out!

Top 40 Songs This Week – March 25, 1989: Songs 40-31

Hi Everybody! Back by popular demand is the Top 40 Countdown!!! The last countdown – from 1985 – was classic. Personally, I think this is going to be an outstanding week as well. This week, we are Returning to 1989. At the time of this countdown, I was cut off from pop culture civilization as I was in the middle of Navy boot camp. There are some songs on this countdown that I had heard before boot camp, and there are some that were new to me after boot camp. But, there are also some that had come and gone in the 9 week period that I was away. This should be interesting! Now, let’s get started, and Return to the week ending March 25, 1989, and begin the countdown!

40. “One” by Metallica

Earlier in the decade, who would have thought that Metallica would have a Top 40 hit on the pop charts? This was Metallica’s first Top 40 hit, and it was the third and final song released from their album …And Justice for All. In a couple of years later the band would release their controversial album Metallica (aka The Black Album). It wasn’t the material that was controversial. The controversy was that they changed their sound, causing them to lose a lot of fans. But, they would gain plenty of new fans. So, I suppose this was the beginning of the end of Metallica’s true heavy metal sound.

39. “Feels So Good” by Van Halen

This is my favorite song from the second Van Halen album to feature Sammy Hagar – OU812. I didn’t think this album was as good as 5150 (although, it would have been almost impossible to top that one), but OU812 was a pretty solid album. And this song came as advertised – it made me feel good.

38. “Wild Thing” by Tone Lōc

Is it bad that I like this “Wild Thing” better than the Trogg’s “Wild Thing”? Tone Lōc’s song was not a remake, and had nothing to do with the Troggs, except for the title.

37. “The Love In Your Eyes” by Eddie Money

I could not find this song anywhere on the internet at all. So I linked up to his hit, “Walk On Water”, which also came off of his album, Nothing to Lose.

36. “Orinoco Flow” by Enya

I wish I could “sail away, sail away, sail away” from this new-agey song. This song was a world wide hit for the Irish singer, Enya. But this song is not for me.

35. “She Won’t Talk to Me” by Luther Vandross

I love Luther! This song was a huge R&B hit. It was nominated for a Grammy for “Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male”.

34. “The Lover in Me” by Sheena Easton

This is one of those songs that I didn’t remember until I just listened to it again. I hadn’t realized that Sheena Easton lasted this late into the ’80s. But, this was her biggest hit in the U.S. since “Morning Train”, topping out at #2. This song was produced by L.A. Reid and Babyface, who were hitting their stride at this point.

33. “Sincerely Yours” by Sweet Sensation & Romeo J.D

Time for some freestyle from Sweet Sensation, the latin trio from New York! This was off of their debut album, Take It While It’s Hot. Although I was still heavy into rock music at that time, I loved Sweet Sensation.

32. “Thinking of You” by Sa-Fire

I loved this nice ballad by Sa-Fire. I bought this cassingle when I got out of boot camp, and went to my Navy schooling in San Diego. It was a perfect song for being very far away from home for the first time.

31. “Rocket” by Def Leppard

Two years after the release of the legendary Hysteria album, Def Leppard were still hitting the charts with songs from that album! This was the final single released from that album. I still love it, and it is still one of the kost popular songs they play in concert.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this countdown already. What a variety! There was only one stinker for me. We’ll be back to continue the countdown tomorrow.

Top 40 Songs This Week – August 5, 1989: Songs 10-1

Hi Everybody, welcome back as we wrap up this week’s countdown. You can go back and check out songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11 if you missed them. This has been a solid week so far. This top 10 is going to be pretty good. A lot of times when you get to the top 10, there are a lot of songs that have been overplayed throughout the years. But, that is not the case with these ten songs. There is one that was overplayed at the time, but I don’t hear it too often anymore. So let’ss jump into it, and Return to the week ending August 5, 1989, and wrap up the countdown.

10. “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Simply Red

This is one of those songs that I did not really like when I first heard it. I had been into rock and dance music at this point, so this song had bored me. However now that I’m older, I love this song. I also love the original version by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes from 1972.

9. “Cold Hearted” by Paula Abdul

This song is just the opposite of the last song. I loved Paula Abdul at the time. She was red hot (in more ways than one). But, now I can’t really listen to too many of her songs all the way through.

8. “I Like It” by Dino

When I first saw this title and artist, I had no idea what this song was.The only Dinos I have heard of was Fred Flinstone’s pet and Dino Bravo from the WWF. I pulled the video up on YouTube, and before I played the song, I saw Dino had long hair, so I thought, “Cool! Maybe this is another rock song that I’ll like.” Then the music started. Definitely not rock! And then I totally remembered this song! I always thought Bobby Brown did this song! And just as the title of the song states, I Like It. I had totally forgotten about this one.

7. “Lay Your Hands On Me” by Bon Jovi

Great, great Bon Jovi tune from their best album, New Jersey. I love the music leading up to the beginning of the song, and then it leads in to the keyboards and vocals. This song just rocks!

6. “Once Bitten Twice Shy” by Great White

This is a bit of a sensitive topic for me. Many of you probably know that I am from Rhode Island. Most people know about the tragic fire, involving Great White, at The Station night club in West Warwick, RI on February 20, 2003. 100 people died after Great White set off some pyrotechnics to start off the show, which caused the cheap soundproofing foam to catch fire, which then engulfed the whole club within minutes. In addition to the 100 who died, there were 230 more people that were injured/burned. Being from a small state, if you didn’t know one of the victims, you know somebody who did.

It took me a long time to be able to listen to Great White again. But, they did lose a member of the band themselves in that fire – guitarist Ty Longley. I mainly blame the cheap-ass owners of the club for the tragedy. They put in that cheap foam instead of using something better. And they allowed way too many people in that club at one time – probably just so they could pull in more money.

OK, enough of being downer. Let’s get to the music. This is a fun bluesy rock song.

5. “Toy Soldiers” by Martika

I love Martika, and I still love this song by the Kids Incorporated alum.

4. “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx

This song got way overplayed when it was released. But, what a great song! I still like it. I can’t listen to it too often, but I do enjoy it when I hear it.

3. “So Alive” by Love and Rockets

By the late ’80s, New Wave was fading away. I guess you couldn’t call it “New” Wave anymore since it was no longer new. Maybe this is when it was transitioning over to that dreaded Alternative music. I don’t remember this song from back in the day. I have heard it more recently. I would not have liked it back then. It’s not bad. Not great either.

2. “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown

Ghostbusters in the hoooouuuuse!!!! This was when Bobby Brown was talented. And this was probably the best thing about the movie Ghostbusters II.

1. “Batdance” by Prince

Well that wraps up the countdown for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m sorry that Prince won’t let us watch his videos. But, that video I showed was probably more entertaining anyway. Especially since “Prince” was not followed by “and the Revolution.”
We’ll be back with another countdown soon. In the meantime, Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

Top 40 Songs This Week – August 5, 1989: Songs 20-11

Hi Everybody, welcome back to this week’s countdown. You can go back and check out songs 40-31 and 30-21 if you missed them. There is a decent variety of music today, although there are no hair bands. However, there are two people on today’s list who each currently star on successful television crime dramas. So, let’s Return to the week ending August 5, 1989, and continue the countdown.

20. “No More Rhyme” by Debbie Gibson

This is no “Lost In Your Eyes”. However, this is still a really good ballad by my late ’80s crush. Speaking of which – yes, that is Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years‘ Winnie Cooper) playing the cello in the video. Be still my heart!

Don’t worry my female readers. You get your turn coming up in a few songs.

19. “Friends” by Jody Watley featuring Eric B. & Rakim

I had not remembered this song. I like this one, which also features a rap by the hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim.

18. “Hey Baby” by Henry Lee Summer

This is one of those songs that I had forgotten about, but remembered it when I heard the chorus. I like this song a lot. It doesn’t hurt that it was written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones of Foreigner.

17. “Hangin’ Tough” by New Kids On the Block

Here you go girls. This is actually one of the few songs by NKTOB that I find somewhat tolerable. They do score some points with me because they are from my general area. And Donnie Wahlberg, who sings the lead vocals on this song, is currently starring as a kick-ass detective on the show Blue Bloods, which also stars Magnum P.I.’s Tom Selleck as Donnie’s father.

OK ladies, which New Kid was your favorite? I know you have one.

16. “Dressed for Success” by Roxette

I love Roxette, and this is a great song. It was the second single released from their awesome Look Sharp! album.

15. “I’m That Type of Guy” by LL Cool J

I had only heard of a couple of LL Cool J songs, and this was not one of them. The Ladies my Love Cool James, but I’m not a big fan. He is pretty decent on the television show NCIS: Los Angeles.

14. “Don’t Wanna Lose You” by Gloria Estefan

This ballad by Gloria Estefan would go onto become her second #1 single. This song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance but lost against Bonnie Raitt’s “Nick of Time.”

13. “Secret Rendezvous” by Karyn White

R&B singer Karyn White scored a big hit with this song, which would reach #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and would be a #1 hit on the dance chart.

12. “Crazy About Her” by Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart was on a hot streak through the ’70s and ’80s. I forgot how good his 1988 album Out of Order was, which not only featured this song, but also had “Lost in You“, “Forever Young“, and “My Heart Can’t Tell You No.”

11. “Express Yourself” by Madonna

Speaking of artists who used to be good, but aren’t so good these days, we will wrap up today’s list with this awesome song by Madonna. This is one of my favorites from the Like a Prayer album.

The video was directed by David Fincher.

Even though there was a song or two that I wasn’t too crazy about, I think this countdown has been very good so far this week. Tomorrow’s list is also going to be very good as we wrap up the countdown. So come on back if you dare!

Top 40 Songs This Week – August 5, 1989: Songs 30-21

Hi Everybody, welcome back to this week’s countdown. You can go back and check out songs 40-31 if you missed them. There was quite the variety of songs from the first 10 of the list. Today is no different. At this point in my life at that time, I had been a rock fan for years (and still am today). And by my junior and senior years of I school, I was going to a lot of dances. So I was starting to like dance/freestyle music more and more. This week’s countdown has plenty of both types of that music. So let’s Return to the week ending August 5, 1989, and continue the countdown.

30. “Good Thing” by Fine Young Cannibals

This song, which was the band’s second #1 hit, sounds like an R&B/Soul song from the ’60s.

29. “Who Do You Give Your Love To?” by Michael Morales

I had never heard this song before. Boy, have I been missing out! This is my pick for Song of the Week already, and we haven’t even gotten to the top 20! This is the best new song I’ve heard in a while. I am so far behind on my podcasts, yet I keep listening to this song. OK, enough rambling. You can check out the song now.

28. “Keep On Movin'” by Soul II Soul

This is a classic R&B song. I liked Soul II Soul.

27. “Baby Don’t Forget My Number” by Milli Vanilli

Poor Milli Vanilli. If they came out 25 years later, they would have been able to use auto-tune, and use their own voices instead of lip syncing to other singers. And they would still get to the top of the charts today, just as they did before we knew what was going on.

26. “What You Don’t Know” by Exposé

The queens of Freestlye! I always loved Exposé, and still do. And this song is just classic Exposé.

25. “Hooked On You” by Sweet Sensation

Here is another awesome Freestyle group. I loved this Puerto Rican trio. I had bought the cassingle of this song when I was in school in San Diego.

24. “Angel Eyes” by The Jeff Healey Band

This is a very cool ballad by The Jeff Healey Band.

23. “Headed For a Heartbreak” by Winger

I used to like Winger a lot. This power ballad wasn’t one of my favorites though. I don’t mind it, but they have a lot of other better songs. Not to mention, when I hear the title of this song, it makes me think of Def Leppard’s far superior “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak“.

22. “Sacred Emotion” by Donny Osmond

Here is another song that I was unfamiliar with. I like this one a lot too.

21. “The End of the Innocence” by Don Henley

This title track from Don Henley’s album isn’t bad. It’s not one of my favorites. This song was written by Bruce Hornsby, which is pretty obvious. Maybe that’s why I’m not a big fan of this song.

Well, that wraps up today’s list. Are you liking this countdown so far? We’ll be back with some more tomorrow.

Top 40 Songs This Week – August 5, 1989: Songs 40-31

Hi Everybody, welcome to another Top 40 Countdown. This week, we will Return to 1989. Earlier in the year had gone to boot camp for a couple of months, then went to San Diego for school/training, then came home on leave/vacation for a couple of weeks. Then I went to my first assignment – Oakland Naval Hospital. So this week, I was beginning my new life in California. I have heard a lot of songs on this weeks countdown. However, there are also a lot that I had never heard before until now. So, this is going to be a fun and interesting week. Now, let’s Return to the week ending August 5, 1989 and begin the countdown.

40. “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry

Here is a great fusion of Rap and Freestyle.

39. “Talk It Over” by Grayson Hugh

I had never heard of this song before, and I had never heard of Grayson Hugh. He is a singer-songwriter. In 1987, Grayson Hugh signed with RCA Records. He arranged this song that was written by Sandy Linzer and Irwin Levine. Hugh recorded the song, but Olivia Newton-John was given rights of first release. She recorded it herself and released it as a single, changing the name of the song to “Can’t We Talk It Over in Bed“. Hugh would finally release the song, and it became a hit.

38. “In My Eyes” by Stevie B

I know Stevie B from his 1990 hit “Because I Love You“, which was the height of his career. Before that, Stevie B had a hit with this song (which I had never heard before).

37. “Miss You Like Crazy” by Natalie Cole

I love this song, and it was appropriate for me at the time as I had just move across the country from my family and friends.
This almost gets me to forget about that very creepy song she did with her dead father, “Unforgettable“. [shudder]. Almost.

36. “Heaven” by Warrant

This is a great ballad by an underrated band, from their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.

35. “Me Myself and I” by De La Soul

This was a fun hip-hop dance song.

34. “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

This is one of the most iconic songs of the ’80s with one of the most iconic videos of all time. It didn’t hurt that the video was shot on a Navy ship (specifically the USS Missouri) seeing that I was in the Navy at that time. And Cher was into younger men. Hey Cher, what’s up girl? 😉

And here is Rubix Kube’s awesome version of the song that I recorded last November.

33. “Cover of Love” by Michael Damian

Michael Damian was best known as singer Danny Romalotti on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.
I mainly know him from his hit cover version of “Rock On“. I had never heard this song before. It’s not bad.

32. “18 and Life” by Skid Row

Alright, I’m really liking this countdown so far! This is already the second hair band this week. Here is another power ballad. This would go on to be Skid Row’s biggest hit, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 11 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

31. “Shower Me With Your Love” by Surface

Here is another R&B ballad that I really like a lot.

Well, that wraps up today’s list. That was quite the variety! R&B, Freestyle, Rock and Pop. What was going on in your life at this time in 1989? Did you have any favorite type of music at this time?

Top 40 Songs This Week – April 29, 1989: Songs 10-1

Welcome back to this week’s Top 40 Countdown! We will be wrapping up the countdown today. If you missed the previous songs you can go back and listen to songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11. Let’s Return to the week ending April 29, 1989, and go through the top 10 songs this week.

10. “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul

Before she became known as a flaky judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul was the sweetheart of the pop music industry. This title track was the second song released from her debut album, and would become a #1 hit, just as “Straight Up” had. There would be a total of four #1 hits from that album.

9. “After All” by Cher & Peter Cetera

This is one of my favorite duets of the decade. These two unique voices made a great combination. This song was the love theme for the movie Chances Are and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards 1989. I love this song, and I kind of liked the movie, which starred Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey, Jr., Ryan O’Neal, and Mary Stuart Masterson (who I had a bit of a crush on).

8. “Real Love” by Jody Watley

This is a good dance and R&B song. The video, directed by David Fincher, was nominated for six MTV Video Music Awards including Breakthrough Video, Best Art Direction, Best Dance Video, and Best Female Video at the 1989 award show. That record was held until Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s video “Scream” received eleven VMA nominations in 1995.

7. “Second Chance” by .38 Special

This is a nice ballad by .38 Special, who usually had really good, fun rock songs. This song would go on to be the band’s highest-charting song in the United States, peaking at #6.

6. “The Look” by Roxette

I love, love, love Roxette!! This was released as a single from their Look Sharp! album, and became a breakthrough hit for the band. Before this, Roxette was unknown outside of their native Sweden. This song would give them international fame, becoming a #1 hit in the U.S. and 24 other countries.

5. “Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus

I love this song by Deon Estus. He had been the bass player for Wham! and played bass on George Michael’s first two solo albums. I have a soft spot for Deon because he was one of the first celebrities to follow me on Twitter. If you happen to read this article, Deon, Rock on buddy!!

4. “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals

Not one of my favorite songs on the countdown. But, I think I like this more now then when it came out.

3. “Funky Cold Medina” by Ton Loc

For some reason, I like this song. It is basically the same thing as his other song, “Wild Thing“, but I still like it.

2. “I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi

I love this ballad by Bon Jovi. It’s one of their best. Jon Bon Jovi put a lot of feeling into this. Classic.

1. “Like a Prayer” by Madonna

And now we have reached the #1 song. This is one of my favorite Madonna songs. There were a lot of great songs on the Like a Prayer album, but this was my favorite. Again, like I said in a previous post, I’m a sucker for songs that feature a choir.

Well that wraps up this week’s countdown. Did you like this year? I have some mixed feelings. This was a transitional time in my life. I had some good times, and some of these songs bring me back to that. On the other hand, even at that time, you could feel our awesome decade was coming to an end.
That’s OK though. there is one year I haven’t done a countdown for yet – 1980 – the dawn of the decade! So, we will be back next week with a top 40 from 1980. Until then, Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

Top 40 Songs This Week – April 29, 1989: Songs 20-11

Welcome back to this week’s Top-40 Countdown! If you need to catch up, you can check out songs 40-31 and 30-21. Today has a variety of song styles. There are some ballads, freestyle dance, and rock songs. There is also a special dedication today. Some of these songs really take me back to my short time in San Diego. So, let’s Return to the week ending April 29, 1989, and continue the countdown with songs 20-11.

20. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler

“Wind Beneath My Wings”, from the soundtrack of Beaches, would go on to become a #1 hit, and it won Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards of 1990. There was no avoiding this song. And if you somehow did not catch it by Bette Midler, then you probably heard it by one of the following artists who also covered this song:

Roger Whitaker (the first to release the song commercially), Colleen Hewett, Sheena Easton (I have this song on a Greatest Hits tape by her), Gary Morris, Kerry Ellis, Lee Greenwood, B.J. Thomas, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Patti LaBelle, Captain and Tennille, Joe Longthorne, Eddie & Gerald Levert, John Tesh, Judy Collins, Shirley Bassey, RyanDan, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Sonata Arctica, Chyi Yu, Perry Como, Donald Braswell II, Sergio Franchi, Steven Houghton and Celine Dion. Also, Lou Rawls sang the song at the nationally-televised 50th Presidential Inaugural Gala on January 19, 1985, the day before the second inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

19. “Electric Youth” by Debbie Gibson

When I left for Boot Camp, “Lost In Your Eyes” was the big hit. When I got out, this second single, the title track from Debbie’s sophomore album was climbing the charts.

18. “Rock On” by Michael Damian

Upon my arrival in San Diego, one of the first things I bought was a Walkman. It was the kind that had a radio as well as a cassette player. So, I found the local radio stations, and this song was one that was constantly being played.
Michael Damian starred in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. He didn’t have the great singing career that fellow soap opera/musician Rick Springfield had. But, I liked this song. But, that may be because it brings me back to a time and place of beautiful weather and atmosphere.

17. “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour

This isn’t a bad song. I love the guitar in it. I do remember this one being overplayed though.

16. “Iko Iko” by The Belle Stars

This is a fun song. I don’t go out of my way to listen to it, but I enjoy it when it does come on the radio.

15. “Soldier of Love” by Donny Osmond

Along with Michael Damien’s “Rock On”, this song was in heavy rotation on the radio station I listened to in San Diego. Again, it may be due to the weather, but I really enjoyed this song too. It was a big comeback hit for Donny Osmond.

Special Dedication

Now it is time for a special dedication. I have not received any yet. Don’t forget, you can email them to me at or
Long time readers of this blog may remember the 30 Day Music Challenge series that I posted a couple of years ago. Since we have returned to a time when I was in school in San Diego, here is the article I posted about a “song that reminds you of someone“. This song goes out to the douchebag idiot in this story.

My New Purchase

After being in boot camp for around 8-10 weeks, the only music I heard was “Anchors Aweigh” (a million times). So when I got to San Diego, one of the first things I did was buy a Walkman, and some tapes. I even took time to stencil my name on the inside of the Walkman door. As for the cassettes, I bought mostly rock music such as Bon Jovi’s New Jersey, and Van Halen’s OU812. But, I also wanted music that would put me to sleep. I was not a Glenn Medeiros fan by any stretch of imagination. However, I had heard some of his music, and figured that would be perfect. So I bought Glenn Medeiros’ Not Me. And it worked. I would go to bed at night listening to my Walkman, and it would knock me right out.

A Storm is Brewing

The barracks that we slept in was full of bunk beds. I slept on the bottom bunk. One morning, my bunk-mate warned me that a scumbag, that was in our class, almost tried stealing my Walkman while I was sleeping. That pissed me off. So, I was hoping I would catch him trying it.


A day or two later, I woke up with my headphones on, but something didn’t feel right. I felt the cord to the headphones and noticed that the Walkman was missing! All that was there was the Glenn Medeiros tape!! That douche stole my Walkman!!! I have no idea how I didn’t feel it being taken away.

Nobody Steals From Me and Gets Away With It!

Now, anybody who knows me would probably best describe my personality as being “reserved”. But, when somebody not only steals from me, but steals something music related, it awakens the beast. And, I also found out that he stole headphones off of another guy that was about 3 times his size. I kept my cool though. I knew exactly who stole it, and he slept on the top bunk a little further away from me.

I saw Douche was sleeping. So I climbed up on the side of the bunk that was next to him, and confirmed that he had my Walkman. So I reached over and grabbed it, and unhooked the headphones. I looked to see what tape he had in it. It was NWA or some other Gangsta Rap type group. I left the tape where the Walkman had been. I couldn’t get the headphones for the other guy though, because Douche was laying on his head on one of the earpieces. However, the Walkman itself was with it’s rightful owner! I was tempted to take the tape too, and leave the Glenn Medeiros one in it’s place. But I didn’t want to be a thief. I just wanted what was rightfully mine.

Would You Believe the Balls on this Guy?

Later on that morning, Douche actually confronted me, and accused me of stealing his Walkman! He even knew the price I paid for it. But, I had my stenciling on the door, and showed him. He said that I probably stenciled after I took it. But, we both knew what really happened. I said, “How do you think I knew where to get it from. Somebody saw you! That’s how!” He saw that the next time he opened his mouth, he was going to get the worst beating of his life, so he backed off. And everybody knew he also stole the big guy’s headphones, so I was also ready to still see some pummeling going on. But, much to my disappointment, big guy was a pansy. He was more of a teddy bear than a grizzly bear, so Douche got away with the headphones.

Gee, I didn’t See That Coming [Sarcasm]

Within the next week, Douche went AWOL. I know. I can’t believe such an upstanding citizen would do something like that, Right?! It turns out, he broke into some lockers, stole money, and got on a plane to New York. Shockingly, Douche came back a couple of weeks later. He was in the barracks, and our commander, who hardly came into the barracks, and found him. And dragged him out for good. I don’t know if he just got kicked out of the Navy with a Dishonorable Discharge, or if he got thrown in the brig/jail.

So, here’s to you Douche! When I hear Glenn Medeiros – and not Gangsta Rap – it reminds me of you!

14. “Sincerely Yours” by Sweet Sensation & Romeo J.D

They may have been Exposé Lite, but I liked Sweet Sensation. This song isn’t bad. But, I much prefer “Hooked On You“.

13. “Thinking of You” by Sa-Fire

Two Puerto Rican freestylers in a row! I love this song. And it was very appropriate for what I was going through at the time, being across the country from all of my friends and family.

12. “Rocket” by Def Leppard

Almost 2 years after the incredible Hysteria album was released, Def Leppard was still releasing singles from that album! That would be unheard of now. This is a great rockin’ song. It is one of my favorites from the album. This would be the last single released from Hysteria. The video is the last from the band with Steve Clark in the lineup.

11. “Room to Move” by Animotion

I had forgotten about this one. I like this song a lot too. I never saw the movie, but apparently this song was featured in My Stepmother Is an Alien.

I hope you enjoyed today’s list of songs. Did you have any favorites today? Either tomorrow or Friday, we will wrap up the countdown with the top 10 songs. I like the top 10 list. There are no songs on it that I’m sick of listening to. This may be 1989, but this is before “Love Shack” and “We Didn’t Start The Fire” was released, so you may rest easy.