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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 12/6/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: Who was the voice of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit??

Last Question: In the television show Magnum, P.I., Which sports car model did Magnum drive?
A) Ferrari Testarossa
B) Lamborghini Countach
C) Ferrari 308
D) A Porsche 911 Turbo

Answer: C) Ferrari 308


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 12/2/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: Babyland General Hospital was the birthplace of which line of soft sculptured dolls popular in the ’80s?

Last Question: In the sitcom Perfect Strangers, what was Balki’s catch phrase?

Answer: “Don’t be ridiculous.”


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 4/23/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: In Light of Day, who played siblings and band mates Joe and Patti Rasnick?

Last Question: What future talk-show host helped pen the theme song for The Facts of Life?

Answer: Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke Facts of Life

Return to the ’80s Trivia – 4/22/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What future talk-show host helped pen the theme song for The Facts of Life?

Last Question: After hearing the 1982 Prince song “Little Red Corvette” on the radio, Stevie Nicks was inspired to collaborate with Prince to write and record a song based on the melody of the Prince song. Which 1983 Stevie Nicks song was created by this collaboration with Prince?

Answer: Stand Back

The following is from Wikipedia, but you can hear the story from Stevie Nicks herself below:

Nicks has often told the story of how she wrote “Stand Back”. She wrote it on the day of her marriage to Kim Anderson on January 29, 1983. The newlyweds were driving up to San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara when Prince’s song “Little Red Corvette” came on the radio. Nicks started humming along to the melody, especially inspired by the lush synthesizers on the song, and “Stand Back” was born. The couple stopped and got a tape recorder and Nicks recorded the demo in the honeymoon suite that night. Later, when Nicks went into the studio to record the song, she called Prince and told him the story of how she wrote the song to his melody. Prince came to the studio that night (on 8 February 1983 at Studio 55, Los Angeles) and played synthesizers on it, although his contribution is uncredited on the album. He and Nicks did agree however to split the publishing royalties on the song 50-50. Then, she says, “he just got up and left as if the whole thing happened in a dream.”


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 3/19/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What term did New York magazine’s Spaz Blum famously coin to denote the stars of St. Elmo’s Fire?

Question: In The Greatest American Hero (which debuted 40 years ago today – March 18, 1981), Ralph’s partner Bill Maxwell was part of what government entity?

B. C.I.A.
C. F.B.I.
D. L.A.P.D.

Answer: C. F.B.I.


Remember That Song – 12/2/19

Can you name the artist and song:

Now is the time
For you and I to cuddle close together, yeah
All through the night
I’ll save you from the terrors on the screen
I’ll make you see

Last Song: “Thank You For Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold from the album All This and Heaven Too (1978), but best known as the theme from The Golden Girls (September 14, 1985 – May 9, 1992), sung by Cynthia Fee

Adora (@Adora2000), Lisa (@gabbyg89), Blast From The Past (@BFTP4780), and 90’s Nerd (@90snerds)!!!

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
Well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say
Thank You For Being a Friend

Here is the full Andrew Gold version:

R.I.P. Alan Thicke (March 1, 1947 – December 13, 2016)

2016 has been absolutely brutal! I know that every year major celebrities, we grew up with, die. But, it seems like there have been an excessive amount of huge names that we lost this year. Alan Thicke is now the latest. Sadly, he passed away yesterday. What makes this even worse is that he suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19 year old son Carter, and died at the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California. He was 69.

Obviously, we all know Alan Thicke from his role as Jason Seaver in the awesome family sitcom, Growing Pains. He was an awesome dad. He was funny and cool, but could still be strict. He was a great role model, and Alan Thicke really made this character shine. My earliest memory of him was in the second episode of the series when he went to a Bruce Springsteen concert with his son Mike (Kirk Cameron). Coming out of the concert, they were stopped by a television reporter who asked if they were father and son, and Jason embarrassed Mike by giving him a noogie on live TV.

Starring in Growing Pains was not his only television credit at the time. The multi-talented Thicke was also a TV theme song composer, along with his then-wife Gloria Loring. The songs he composed were iconic. He composed the themes for Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life.

He also composed game show theme songs, such as The Wizard of Odds (on which he also sang) The Joker’s Wild, the original theme to Wheel of Fortune, and several others.

He also wrote the song and appeared in the television show, Animal Crack-Ups from 1987-1989.

Thicke co-hosted the Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade (now the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade) with Joan Lunden from 1983 to 1990, when he was succeeded by Regis Philbin.

Over the years he has guested on several shows. Most recently, he had a guest spot on the new smash hit show, This Is Us.

Alan Thicke seemed like a class act, and all-around good guy.He will be sorely missed.

Episode 6: Action/Adventure TV Theme Songs

We are back with a new episode of the Return to the ’80s podcast!!
In this episode, Robert and Paul welcome guest host Jim Vilk (@JimVilk). Do you get frustrated when you are listening to a radio station that plays ’80s music, and they always play the same song over and over for a particular artist, when you know they have other great music? Well, Return to the ’80s has a brand new segment called ‘Listen to This, Not That.’ First up…Rick Springfield.

Also, 2016 continues to wreak havoc on us, as we have 3 deaths to talk about this week.

There is a brand new Remember That Song, as well as ’80s Trivia. Then we talk about the awesome, upcoming ’80s Crossover event. This month, several ’80s blogs and podcasts will be discussing our favorite ’80s Christmas presents. Jim, Robert, and Paul talk about our favorite presents that we either received, gave, or wanted but never got.
Finally, we get into our main topic – ’80s Action/Adventure Television Theme Songs.

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– Introducing guest Jim Vilk (@JimVilk)

– Return to the ’80s is now on iTunes, Stitcher, and anywhere else you get your podcasts from.

Listen to This, Not That

Listen to This

Not That

Deaths of the Week

Margaret Whitton (November 30, 1949 – December 4, 2016)

John Glenn (July 18,1921 – December 8, 2016)



Joseph Mascolo aka. Stefano DiMera (March 13, 1929 – December 8, 2016)

Remember That Song

Last song
Here we stand / Worlds apart, hearts broken in two / Sleepless nights / Losing ground, I’m reaching for you

“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey

Winner: Kurt Torster

New Song
Neon lights, a Nobel Prize / When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies / You don’t have to follow me / Only you can set me free

If you know the answer, email us at, and enter Remember That Song in the subject line.

80s Trivia

Last Question
What color did the ghosts have to be for Pac Man to eat them?

Answer: Blue

Winner: Kurt Torster

New Question: What colors were on the original Rubik’s cube?

If you know the answer, email us at, and enter Trivia in the subject line.

80s Crossover Event – Christmas Gifts


80’s Reboot Overdrive is hosting another ’80s Crossover Event. This time, we are talking about our favorite Christmas gifts. It can be a gift that was given, received, or most wanted and not received. Participants include the following:
80s Reboot Overdrive (@80sReboot)
Rediscover the 80s (@RD80s)
Realweegiemidget (@realweegiemidge)
Killer Kitsch (@killer_kitsch)

Main Topic – Action/Adventure Theme Songs

The Fall Guy (Jim)

The Dukes of Hazzard (Robert)

Hardcastle and McCormick (Paul)
Seasons 1 and 3 (“Drive”)
Season 2 (“Back to Back”)

Magnum P.I. (All)
Alternate theme
Main theme

Simon & Simon (Jim)
Alternate opening

Main opening

Closing credits (with lyrics)

CHiPs (Robert)

Voyagers! (Paul)

The A-Team (All)

Matt Houston (Jim)

Call to Glory (Robert)

The Greatest American Hero (Paul)

Miami Vice (All)

Next Episode: Year in Review/Top 10 Songs of 1980

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’80s Television Theme Songs: Dramas and Nighttime Soaps

Today, we will continue to take a look at some of our favorite television theme songs. Let’s Return to the ’80s, and check out some themes of Nighttime soaps and Dramas.

I must admit, I never watched Dallas in the ’80s. I was not exactly in their viewing demographic. Being a pre-teen to teenage boy at the time that this was on, I much preferred to watch shows with cool cars, and shows with a lot of explosions.
However, I was very familiar with the theme song, and I love it.

Fast forward to current day. Dallas is back on the air with a new generation, as well as several original cast members. I decided to hop on board as soon as it aired, and I love it! Larry Hagman’s J.R. Ewing was one of the most iconic characters of the ’80s. He was one of the original stars who came back on the new version. I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. Man, was I blown away! What an incredible character! At a time where anti-heroes are the rage, J.R. Ewing is the best one, by far. Sadly, Larry Hagman died last year. However, J.R. still has a major influence on the story.
And, the theme song is pretty much the same. It is one of the few theme songs that I don’t fast forward through on today’s shows.

Thinking back, I pretty much got to watch whatever shows I wanted when I grew up. But, this was one show that my mom would not bend on. She had to watch her Dynasty. I just watched long enough to catch the theme song.

Knots Landing
I kind of remember this theme a little bit.

Falcon Crest
I don’t remember watching Falcon Crest. But, we included all the other soaps, so we’ll include this one too.

L.A. Law
Now, on with the dramas. I liked this show, and the theme is good too.

I never watched this show. Again, I was not exactly the target audience. But, Al Jarreau sings this theme song, so that’s not so bad. Holy crap, Booger was in this show!?! I may need to watch this show now!

Classic ’80s song! This show was based on the 1980 movie. Irene Cara, who played Coco in the movie, sang the original theme song. Erica Gimpel, who played Coco in the TV version, song the theme song for the show. The part that stands out to me is Debbie Allen saying: You got big dreams. You want fame. Fame costs. Right here is where you start paying…in sweat.

Little House on the Prairie
This long-running hit show began in 1974, and ran through the beginning of the ’80s. I watched this when I was younger. And several years ago I started watching reruns of the show again. Man, for a family show, it could actually get kind of dark. Overall, it was a great family show.

The Love Boat

Here is another iconic show that began in the ’70s, and ran through the ’80s. C’mon, you know the song. Sing along:

Love, exciting and new
Come Aboard. We’re expecting you…

Special treat

Well that wraps up today’s shows. We will come back to more shows in the upcoming weeks. I’ll leave you with a fun video. Enjoy!