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Tweet of the Day: Back to the Future

Here is an awesome Tweet from the official Back to the Future. Thanks to my friend Jim for sending this my way! For those of you who don’t follow baseball, last night, the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title since 1908. This was predicted in Back to the Future Part II. The only problem is that this took place in 2015 and not 2016. But this discrepancy is explained here. Congratulations to the Cubbies!


Tweet of the Day: Walkman Sports

Today’s Tweet id from Flashback Daily (@FlashbackDaily). This one hit home with me because this weekend I was running while listening to my fully charge iPod. The iPod died halfway through my run, because apparently it can’t handle temperatures below 60. This wouldn’t have happened if I had my old trusty Walkman! And yes, I do still have cassettes I could play in it.


Tweet of the Day: Milk Carton Blues

Today’s Tweet comes from Flashback Daily (@FlashbackDaily). This was indeed a nightmare! Then the mouth of the container would be a mess, and you’d have loose pieces of cardboard going inside your mouth. I don’t know which was more tricky to open – this milk carton or a Snack Pack Pudding can!


Tweet of the Day: Mt. Radmore

Today’s Tweet is from @iHeart80sRadio, which is a radio station based out of the Bay Area in California (my stomping grounds in my Navy days), which specializes in ’80s music. If you are in the Bay Area, you can listen on 103.7, and everybody else can download their app, and listen online. They often post some cool ’80s stuff on their Twitter account. I thought this was a really good one, that you can participate in here. Who would you pick for Mt. Radmore? Feel free to comment below. And go check out @iHeart80sRadio.


Tweet of the Day: Gaming

Today’s Tweet of the Day is from an awesome site called Flashback Daily – @FlashbackDaily. This account is a “must follow” for any fans of the ’80s. It is appropriately named too, because as soon as I saw this pic, I immediately flash backed to my video gaming days. I had to use this switch when I wanted to play on my Intellivision.


Tweet of the Day: 80s

This is a great one that’s been going around. Today, I got this from my friend Jackie from (@SillySlater). She is a fellow ’80s child who posts all kinds of great tweets – especially ’80s tweets. So, be sure to follow her if you want to be entertained!


Tweet of the Day: Aliens

Recently, @returntothe80s has been blowing up on Twitter, landing 10-20 new followers a day. In addition to gaining such totally awesome followers, there are some awesome people on Twitter that I follow. I’ve been seeing a lot of great stuff lately. So, each day I will post one of my favorites that I come across.
Today’s tweet from @Alltheway80s made me feel old. So, I’ll take you all down with me. If you are on Twitter, you should definitely follow Siobhan at @Alltheway80s. And of course, I suppose I should ask that you follow us too at @returntothe80s.