Favorite 80’s Web Sites

The Awesome 80s Podcast 1 The Awesome ’80s Podcast – I love this podcast featuring Michael and Lawrence. It is fun and informative about our favorite ’80s movies and sometimes television shows

For an awesome, comprehensive ’80s site, check out Rediscover the 80s. There are some really great articles, a weekly newsletter, and 80s arcade games.

If you want to truly be immersed into the ’80s, you really need to go to a Rubix Kube show! Go to their totally awesome site for more details!

Stuck in the 80’s – This is a great blog, and they also have a great podcast

Kickin’ it Old School – Really cool blog

Like, Totally Retro is a totally awesome site by a fellow member of my WordPress family. This site covers ’80s music, movies, TV, and fashion, and occasionally ventures into some ’70s and ’90s pop culture that we love.

Straight Up 80’s with Myndi Lauper is a fun blog by Myndi Lauper of the ’80s tribute band Weird Science


Like Totally 80s

In the 80s

Martin’s View – Very awesome blog where Martin reviews 80s albums daily.

Revenge of the 80s – Your home for classic alternative music plus new tracks from and conversations with classic alternative artists.

The 80s Rocks

Kick Up the 80s – For my U.K. friends, go ahead and check out this awesome 80s tribute band! I love these bands that keep the 80s alive!

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    1. Thanks for checking out my site and adding me to your list! I will definitely add yours to my list! I love your site, and I loved that podcast episode you did.

  1. Great site! Love the quote of the day idea. THANK YOU for the recent comment and retweet for UnderScoopFire!! If you ever want to contribute a guest post to our site, I’d be honored. You can put a link to this site in your content or at the end. Thanks!!

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