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Episode 23: 1981 Year in Review

On this episode of Return to the ’80s, Robert and Paul welcome Ty Ray, from the Beats and Eats podcast, to the show. The guys Return to 1981, and count down the year’s top songs, movies, and television shows. Also, find out what the biggest selling toys were in 1981, and reminisce on the big news stories of the year.

As this current decade comes to a close, come join us to Return to the greatest decade ever, and check out the awesome year of 1981!

Episode 22: T.G Monahan – Dreamin’ in ’89

We are finally back with a new podcast episode of Return to the ’80s! On this show, Paul and Del welcome author Todd “T.G.” Monahan. T.G. has released a novel that takes place in a time that is near and dear to our hearts – the 80s! The story takes place in the summer of 1989. It is a coming-of-age story as Seb deals with bullies, tries to win the attention of a girl, and goes on a mission to make enough money to buy the Dreamin’ and become a world-renowned radio-controlled pilot, earning his father’s respect. It has all the elements of a great ’80s story, and actually takes place in the ’80s.
So, check out this episode as Todd discusses his book with us, and we talk a little ’80s and ’90s.

Episode 21: Summer Concert Series 2018

Welcome to a new episode of Return to the 80s! This was a hard fought battle to get this posted. Del and I had recorded another episode a week before this one, and it did not come out at all. So we had to have a do-over, and Robert was able to join us this time. In case you are wondering who Del is…he’s the one giving you the Remember That Song every day. He also hosts an 80s radio show, which we discuss in this episode.
Speaking of this episode, we each had gone to a concert, which we discuss in this episode.

Episode 20: Journey and Def Leppard 2018 Tour

We finally Return for another podcast episode! Paul traveled to Denver, Colorado. While there, Journey and Def Leppard were playing at Coors Field. After an awesome Journey set, Paul texted Robert to tell him about it. It turns out that Robert had seen the same show 2 nights earlier in Lincoln, Nebraska! So, a new podcast episode was born!

Episode 19: Rubix Kube/Trixter

This was absolute blast interviewing my favorite band – Rubix Kube. Two of the members of Rubix Kube is also 1/2 of Trixter. So, here are 2 interviews in 1 episode! First up is Cherie and Scott – the lead singers, and John, the drummer. Then the second interview is Steve Brown and PJ Farley the guitarist and bassist, respectively for both Rubix Kube and Trixter.

Episode 18: 80’S Rad Retro Run – Pre-Race With Toni McAlister

My two worlds collide in this crossover episode – Return to the ’80s, and Journey of the Rhode Runner. I will be traveling to the Atlanta, Georgia area for the 80s Rad Retro Run, which is being held on May 5, 2018. I had the privilege and honor to speak with the race founder and race director, Toni McAlister. Come join us, as we discuss the history of this race, the great charity that it is for, the awesome 80s band that will playing live at the race, the cool cutting edge technology of the race chips. Oh and by the way, Toni is a huuuuge 80s fan! So we talk a lot of 80s as well.

Episode 17: Glass Houses

We welcome Scott Ryan back to the show. This is the first of our Billy Joel album series. The gang discusses the loss of Tom Petty. Then there is some Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination talk. We have our regular segments, Play This, Not That, featuring the other Piano Man, Remember That Song, and ’80s Trivia. Then we get into our main topic – Billy Joel’s Glass Houses album.

Episode 16: Footloose

The Return to the ’80s Podcast is back! We return in a big way, talking about one of the most iconic ’80s movies. Robert and Paul are joined once again by Marissa (who last appeared on the ’80s Crushes episode). So come cut loose with Return to the ’80s, where dancing IS allowed, and join in on the discussion of this classic movie, and enjoy some great music along the way!

episode fifteen: thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history

Welcome to a new episode of the Return to the ’80s podcast! Paul’s partner-in-crime, Robert, is missing in action this episode as the soccer team he coaches is in a state tournament kicking ass and taking names. But, this is still a great episode. We welcome Scott Ryan to the show. He wrote thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history, which will be out on June 7. You can purchase the book at www.scottryanproductions.com. Even if you never watched the show, this is a great episode. [Note: I have never watched the show myself] We talk a little about the show, and Scott’s experience in writing the book. We also cover an arrangement of other ’80s topics. Play This, Not That features Billy Joel, and morphs into a great conversation about Billy Joel. We also have a new Remember That Song and ’80s Trivia. So, please check out this episode and let us know what you think. In addition to listening right here on the site, you can also listen on iTunes, or anywhere you get your podcasts from.

Episode 14: Never Seen It – Highlander

We welcome Doug McCoy to the podcast. Doug is a podcasting veteran, hosting shows such as 80s Anthologies, In the Theater, Crazy Creepy Cool Movies, The Pastor and the Pappy, and Never Seen It. In the spirit of Never Seen It, we decided to review a film that at least one of us had not seen – Highlander. In addition to our review of this classic movie, Robert has a concert review of Asia and Journey, a new Play This, Not That, and an all new Remember That Song and 80s Trivia.

Episode 13: 80s Movie Villains

This is another 80s League Crossover Event! This month, the League is covering our favorite/most hated movie villains from the ’80s. Don’t be a Butthead. Come check us out!

Episode 12: This Week in March 1984

The latest Return to the ’80s podcast episode is up!!! Come join us as we Return to this week in March 1984. We count down the top 10 songs of the week, and take a peek at the top 10 movies, and see what was on television this week. Remember That Song is still up for grabs, and we have winners and a new question for ’80s Trivia. Come check us out!

Episode (Turn it up to) 11: This is Spinal Tap

We welcome Scott Compton back to the show as we geek out over the classic rockumentary, This is Spinal Tap! Come give us a listen as we walk that fine line between stupid and clever.

Episode 10: ’80s Crushes

Join Robert and Paul as they welcome Marissa to the show, and discuss their ’80s crushes – both celebrity and real life crushes.

Episode 9: Foreigner

On the heels of getting Tweeted at by Lou Gramm, we decided to dedicate an episode to Foreigner – one of the best rock bands of the ’70s and ’80s. We take a look back at both Foreigner and Lou Gramm solo songs.

Episode 8: Year in Review – 1980

Since 2016 was such a crappy year for most of us, Robert and I decided to go back to happier times, and take a look back at the year 1980. We count down the top 10 songs from that year. And in between, we take a look at the top movies, television shows, toys, and news items.

Episode 7: Remembering Alan Thicke, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher

In this special episode, we pay tribute to the late, great Alan Thicke, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher.

Episode 6: Action/Adventure TV Theme Songs

In this episode, Robert and Paul welcome guest host Jim Vilk (@JimVilk). We have a new segment called Listen to This, Not That. Then we have 3 deaths of the week as 2016 continues to wreak havoc. There is a brand new Remember That Song as well as ’80s Trivia.
There is also a new ’80s crossover event as several ’80s blogs and podcasts talk about their favorite ’80s Christmas gifts.
Then we get into our main topic – ’80s Action/Adventure Television Theme Songs.
Return to the ’80s is now on iTunes, Stitcher, and anywhere else you can download podcasts. So please subscribe and leave us a rating and review.

Episode 5: Slippery When Wet

Bon Jovi has recently released a new album, This House is Not For Sale, which was a #1 selling album. With this year being the 30th anniversary of the iconic Slippery When Wet album, we decided to Return to 1986, and revisit it. And we are taking a guest with us on this trip – Scott from 80s Mixtape Autoreverse and 80’s Reboot Overdrive. So come check us out, and listen to our take on this classic album.

Episode 4: Sitcom Theme Songs, Part 1

This is the first in a series of ’80s television theme songs. We begin with sitcoms. This is the tip of the iceburg, as it appears that there will be several more sitcom theme songs to cover, as well as action/adventure, cartoons, dramas/evening soap opera theme songs.

Episode 3: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

In this episode, we cover our first movie – the ’80s classic. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. There is even a cameo appearance of Spicoli in this episode. Enjoy!

Episode 2: Prince

This is the Return to the ’80s tribute to Prince. We had originally planned an episode on Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But, with the sudden passing of this music legend, we just had to pay tribute to this ’80s icon.

Episode 1: Journey

In this debut episode, Paul and Robert introduce themselves, go over some news items, test your knowledge at ’80s trivia and Remember That Song, then talk all things Journey.

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