4 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss?”

  1. I am trying to find a green monster that stood about 12-14″ high that my son (that is grown now) would NOT part with. This was in about 1985-86… It had NON bendable arms and legs sort of a harder plastic…It looked like there was slime running off of the arms and legs of it…I would like to find another and give it to him as a gift…Can you Please help me????


  2. Hi – I enjoyed your blog.
    There’s a UK site called remember the ’80s that you would enjoy- although it is down at the moment. They released a book under the same name that is available on amazon.Co.uk.
    I have started a blog that will trawl through my music-related life from the ’80s onwards which you may also like. Check it out if you get time.



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