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Remember That Song – 4/20/18

Can you name the artist and song:

Here’s your ticket pack your bag
Time for jumpin’ overboard
The transportation is here
Close enough but not too far

Last Song: “Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” by Elton John from the album Jump Up! (1982)

Great job Mary (@nakedplanet2)!!!

Now we pray for rain and with every drop that falls
We hear, we hear your name

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Remember That Song: 8/1/17

Can you name the artist and song:

Well, everything I had was yours
And now I’m closin’ all the doors
Whatcha tryin’ a do to my soul

Last Song: “Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl” by The Spinners from the album Dancin’ And Lovin’ (1979)

Girl, but you’re too proud, and you won’t give in
But when I think about all I could win


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