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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 3/17/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: What were the years of the television show, Remington Steele‘s original run on NBC TV in the United States?

A. 1983 to 1988
B. 1981 to 1986
C. 1986 to 1991
D. 1982 to 1987

Last Question: What craft toy involved cutting plastic figures, coloring them in, and then baking them in the oven?

Answer: Shrinky Dinks

Great job Sweetpurplejune!!!

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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 3/11/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: What is the relationship between He-Man and She-Ra?
A. Brother and sister
B. Cousins
C. Friends
D. Divorced couple

Last Question: What commercial mascots got so popular they had their own primetime special?
A. Snap, Crackle and Pop
B. The M&M’s guys
C. California Raisins
D. Cinnamon Toast Crunch chefs

Answer: C. California Raisins

Great job J.V. (@JVfromOhio)!!!



Return to the ’80s Trivia – 2/2/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: In the film Harlem Nights, what is the name of the speakeasy where Eddie Murphy’s character works?

Last Question: Complete the commercial jingle:

Get a little closer, now don’t be shy. Get a little closer, with _____________

A. Arrid Extra Dry
B. Big Red
C. Close-Up Toothpaste
D. Doublemint Gum

Answer: A. Arrid Extra Dry

Great job J.V. (@JVfromOhio)!!!


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 10/25/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: Which movie of the Halloween franchise did not feature Michael Myers?

Last Question: In 1988, what new “Ken” doll played in “Barbie’s” rock band while sporting a silver metallic suit and platinum blond hair?

Answer: Rocker Ken


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 10/20/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What show was I Love the 80s: Strikes Back panelist John Fugelsang referring to when he said, “I was just happy to see Kunta Kinte in space.”?

Last Question: What video game company released the Megamania game cartridge in 1982?

Answer: Activision


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 10/5/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What 1980 miniseries told the story of an English ship navigator named “Major John Blackthorne” in feudal Japan?

Last Question: 7-UP introduced what fruit-flavored variation in early 1987?

Answer: Cherry 7-UP

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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 8/5/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: On Valerie, who played the family matriarch after actress Valerie Harper left the show?

Last Question: What doll made by Kenner Toys required its owners to change its diapers because it wet its pants?

Answer: Baby Alive