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Quote of the Day: Heaven Help Us

Heaven Help Us 1

Brother Timothy: [Dunn and Timothy are in the schoolyard… Tim is bouncing a baseball off the steps] There’s the pitch.
Michael Dunn: You know, I never figured out how a guy like you became a brother.
Brother Timothy: What’s that supposed to mean? There’s different types of guys, what’s wrong with me?
Michael Dunn: I just can’t figure it out, is all.
Brother Timothy: Well, most people can’t figure it out. My brother was the one who was supposed to have the vocation. Me, they had me written off as the bum. But here I am, wearing a robe, bouncing a ball off the steps of the rectory.
Michael Dunn: Was your brother a bum?
Brother Timothy: Sort of. Sells life insurance down in Maryland.

Heaven Help Us 2

Happy 71st Birthday to John Heard!!

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