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Episode 24: Helen O’Hara – Best Movies of the 80s/The Princess Bride

Welcome Helen O’Hara, from Empire Magazine (and Empire Film Podcast) and The Telegraph, as well as author of the new book, Best Movies of the 80s.

Helen and Paul discuss Helen’s awesome new book, Best Movies of the 80s (available on Amazon). They also dive into one of the movies that is covered in the book – The Princess Bride. They talk about the actors and characters, as well as some behind the scenes stories, and not to mention, a philosophical discussion about female titles in film (or a lack thereof).

Enjoy the show! And get Helen’s book, Best Movies of the 80s, and follow her on Twitter @HelenLOHara. Also, if you can’t get enough of her here, go check her out on The Empire Film Podcast.

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Be sure to get Helen’s book, Best Movies of the 80s. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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