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Quote of the Day: Beverly Hills Cop II

Sidney Bernstein: [on the phone] Naturally. I can see- Yeah, yeah. I mean I-I understand. Somebody- W-wait-

[off the phone]

Sidney Bernstein: Oh, oh, oh. Come right in. Don’t let the fact that my door’s closed dissuade you in any way from entering my office.

Axel Foley: Sir, we’re with the Beverly Hills Police Department. Are you Mr. Sidney Bernstein?

Sidney Bernstein: Yes. Lucky guess.

Axel Foley: Well, sir, you have 25 unpaid parking tickets, we have a warrant for your arrest.

Sidney Bernstein: 25? What 25?

Axel Foley: You have 25 unpaid parking tickets, sir.

Sidney Bernstein: I-I pay my tickets. I pay – I pay all my tickets.

Axel Foley: Sir, do you own a Black Mercedes-Benz, License Plates number CRL-507?

Sidney Bernstein: 507? That’s my wife’s car! That’s not my car! That’s my-

Axel Foley: You have 25 unpaid parking tickets.

Sidney Bernstein: I mean, it’s under my name. But, it’s my wife’s car! No! No! No!

[picks up phone; yells]

Sidney Bernstein:

Axel Foley: Your tickets have not been paid, that means you’re liable.

[to Taggart & Rosewood]

Axel Foley: Can you cuff Mr. Bernstein, please?

Sidney Bernstein: Cuff me? There are people out there with chainsaws, you’re cuffing me!

Axel Foley: Well, sir, you have 25 unpaid parking tickets, and it’s your car. So, we have to take you in.

Sidney Bernstein: Wait a second, I’ve got an idea. Is there something that I have in this office that I could hand to you, and that would make you kind of forget that you’re holding those, uh, little pink tickets there?

Happy 63rd birthday to Gilbert Gottfried!!!

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Quote of the Day: Beverly Hills Cop II


Sergeant Taggart: What are you doing in a place like this?

Axel Foley: What are you talkin’ about? A place like what?

Sergeant Taggart: A place like this. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi.

Axel Foley: What are you talkin’ about? I’m spoiling myself rotten. Oh, you mean the construction that’s going on. Yes, I’m very embarrassed about that. What I’m trying to do, though, is just confine myself to the other five bedrooms. I’m used to compromising my lifestyle.

Sergeant Taggart: Bullshit! You’ve stolen this house!

Axel Foley: How the fuck can you steal a house? This…my uncle’s house!

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Daily Trivia: 8/22/12

Question: What long-running CBS series did both Doris Day and Jean Stapleton decline the lead in?

Last Question: What comedian made his film debut as a parking valet in Beverly Hills Cop II?

Answer: Chris Rock

Great Job Alfredo (@alfredomikkola)!!
– “I get $10 for cars, I get $20 for limos. What the hell is this?!”

– “A truck. Here’s $50, put it next to a limo.”

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