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Quote of the Day: Rocky III

Rocky and Paulie arguing

Rocky: Nobody owes nobody nothin’. You owe yourself.
Paulie: You’re wrong! Friends owe!
Rocky: Friends don’t owe! They do because the wanna do.
Paulie: Shut your freakin’ mouth. You been keepin’ me down!
Rocky: Down? You know, you’re like a crazy brother to me, Paulie, you really are. So I’m gonna tell ya something and I want you to listen because I really mean this. You ain’t down. And you ain’t even a loser. You’re just a jealous, lazy bum.
Paulie: Alright, I’m gonna break your freakin’ mouth up! I’m gonna break your freakin’ mouth up!
[Paulie throws punches at Rocky and Rocky blocks them]

Rocky and Paulie fighting
Paulie: [exhausted] Can I have a job?
Rocky: All you had to do was ask.
[starts walking toward Rocky’s car]
Rocky: Hey, you know, you punch pretty good.
Paulie: Really?
Rocky: Absolutely.
Paulie: [looking at Rocky’s car] This new?
Rocky: Yeah.
Paulie: Cost a lot?
Rocky: Yeah, a few bucks.
Paulie: Got an extra one?

Rocky 3 - Rocky and Paulie finish fighting

Happy 75th Birthday to Burt Young!!!