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Quote of the Day: Oliver & Company

Dodger: [singing] Why should I worry? Why should I care? I may not have a dime, but I’ve got street savoir-faire. Why should I worry? Why should I care? It’s just be-bopulation, but I’ve got street savoir-faire.


Oliver & Company, the 27th Disney animated feature film, was released in theaters on this day, 31 years ago, November 18, 1988.


Quote of the Day: The Little Mermaid


Sebastian: Ariel, listen to me. The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.


Sebastian: The seaweed is always greener / In somebody else’s lake / You dream about going up there / But that is a big mistake / Just look at the world around you / Right here on the ocean floor / Such wonderful things around you / What more is you lookin’ for? / Under the sea / Under the sea / Darlin’, it’s better / Down where it’s wetter / Take it from me / Up on the shore they work all day / Out in the sun they slave away / While we devotin’ / Full time to floating / Under the sea!


The Little Mermaid became the 28th Disney animated feature film to be released in theaters on this day 30 years ago, Nov 14, 1989.

If you’d like to get this movie from Amazon, click on the movie poster below:

Daily Trivia: 10/2/12

Question: What movie is this picture from:

Last Question: What is the acronym for Epcot (which opened 30 years ago yesterday)?

Answer: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

Great job Pam (@ConnorsPam)!!

Here is the opening ceremony, which took place 30 years ago yesterday (October 1, 1982):

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Daily Trivia: 10/1/12

Question: What is the acronym for Epcot (which opened 30 years ago today)?

Last Question: What movie featured Stephen King’s son, Joe, as a boy who is punished by his father for reading horror comics?

Answer: Creepshow

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Daily Trivia – 5/25/12

Question: In honor of Goofy’s 80th birthday, can you name the person who has been the official voice of Goofy since 1987’s Disney’s Doggone Valentine?

Last Question: Representing the “Finicky Party”, who ran for president for the first time in 1988?

Answer: Morris the Cat

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Return of Return to the 80s

Hey Gang, sorry for the sudden absence. I was away on vacation last week, and was swamped with work, doing some major O.T. After spending an awesome weekend on Cape Cod (enjoying summer-like weather, but without the summer-like crowds), we went to Florida.

My wife and I spent our 10 year anniversary on Thursday at Disney. We did the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. We had to leave there to go to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (where I proposed to my wife again, in front of Cinderella’s Castle).

Since we had to leave Epcot early, we missed Starship performing. But with youtube these days, we can still see the performances:


We Built This City

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Daily Trivia – 8/16/11

Question: What short-lived, much-ridiculed series centered on a criminologist who was “sole heir to the secret link that binds man ans animal”?

Last Question: What news anchor departed with the words: “I’ll be away on assignment and Dan Rather will be sitting in here for the next few years”?

Answer: Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, “The most trusted man in America”, was an anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years (1962–81). He was known for his catchphrase, closing out each news program: “And that’s the way it is”.

He was a news anchor during quite an eventful era. He reported the death of President John F. Kennedy, combat in the Vietnam War, the death of civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King, Jr., Watergate, and the Iran Hostage Crisis. He was also known for extensive coverage of the space program from Project Mercury to the Moon landings to the Space Shuttle.

On February 14, 1980, Cronkite announced that he intended to retire from the CBS Evening News; at the time, CBS had a policy of mandatory retirement by age 65.

His last day in the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News was on March 6, 1981; he was succeeded the following Monday by Dan Rather. Here is the ending of his last broadcast:

In his retirement, he made guest news appearances, did voiceover work for documentaries, and also did work for Disney. This includes ‘Back to Neverland’ shown in the Disney’s MGM Studios attraction, The Magic of Disney Animation. Here is the show starring Cronkite and Robin Williams:

He also did the narration for Spaceship Earth at Epcot:

Walter Cronkite died on July 17, 2009, at his home in New York City, at the age of 92.

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Daily Trivia – 8/1/11

Question: Can you name the 5 Original MTV VJs? And who was your favorite (there’s no wrong answer for the second part*).

Last Question: What Cyndi Lauper chart-topper was later adopted by Kodak for an ad campaign?

Answer: “True Colors”

Here are some of the commercials that you may remember:

Kodak also sponsored the Disney attraction, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience at Epcot, where “True Colors was also featured in the preshow:

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*Unless you don’t pick Martha! 😀

Captain EO

Well, I could not resist. While in Epcot this past Monday, I found time to go see Captain EO. I actually don’t regret seeing it. Of course, it was no Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Splash Mountain, or Tower of Terror, but it was kind of cute. Some parts were very cool, and some parts were really stupid.
For those of you who may not know, Captain EO is a 3D movie (although I think this is technically a 4D movie), starring Michael Jackson, that was released in the Disney parks in 1986, and ran through the mid-90s.
After Michael Jackson died, as with his music, interest in Captain EO was renewed. Disney reopened Captain EO in Disneyland on February 23, 2010, Disneyland Paris on June 12, 2010, Tokyo Disney on July 1, and in Epcot on on July 2. I’m not sure about the other parks, but the Epcot version replaced the 3D movie “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” (which had replaced Captain EO in the first place).
Captain EO was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and also starred Anjelica Huston, who played the Supreme Leader. Also, George Lucas was the executive producer. The pre-show was the same exact pre-show from 1986. It just basically showed scenes of a very young Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas working, preparing to film the movie. And it showed the secondary characters getting their makeup put on.

**Spoiler Alert – Don’t read the description if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to be spoiled**

The movie tells the story of Captain EO (Michael Jackson) and the ragtag crew of his spaceship on a mission to deliver a gift to “The Supreme Leader”, of a world of rotting, twisted metal and steaming vents.
The movie starts with a space battle, which was the best part in my opinion. You can definitely tell that George Lucas had a major influence on this. And what made this even better was the 4-D experience that I mentioned earlier. As the ship is getting banged around, it feels like you are in the ship because the whole theater shakes and bangs around. It wasn’t like a motion ride, but it was just enough to make it really cool. During this space battle you meet all the characters of Captain EO’s crew. Again, you can tell that Lucas had a hand in this, because you feel like you’ve seen these characters in Star Wars’ Cantina. The crew consists of his small flying sidekick Fuzzball, the double-headed navigator and pilot Idey (Debbie Lee Carrington) and Ody (Cindy Sorenson), robotic security officer Major Domo (Gary Depew), a small robot Minor Domo (who fits like a module into Major Domo), and the Jar-Jar Binks of Captain EO, the clumsy elephant-like shipmate Hooter (Tony Cox).

Separated at Birth?

Hooter from Captain EO

Max Rebo from Star Wars

After Captain EO and the gang wins their battle, they crash land, they are captured and meet the Supreme Leader. This is where the movie kind of falls of the deep end. The Supreme Leader sentences the crew to be turned into trash cans (!), and Captain EO to 100 years of torture in her deepest, darkest dungeon. Before being sent away, Captain EO tells the Supreme Leader that he sees the beauty hidden within her, and that he brings her the key to unlock it: his song, “We Are Here To Change The World”. As he is singing the song, Captain EO is zapping the robot bad guys with beams from his arms and hands, and turns them into human dancers. Although the idea is pretty ridiculous, the effects are awesome – especially for the time that this was created – and the music is great. You actually feel like you’re transported back to the ’80s. There are warriors swing whips, and you can feel them go by you.
Of course, Captain EO transforms all the bad guys, and gets to the Supreme Leader. He zaps her, transforming her into a beautiful woman, her lair into a peaceful Greek temple and the planet into a beautiful place.

A celebration breaks out to “Another Part of Me”, as EO and his crew triumphantly exit and fly off into space.

This was a nice nostalgic trip back to the ’80s. I would recommend seeing this once. I don’t think I would go back over and over, if at all. But it is worth seeing once.