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Daily Trivia: 12/3/12

Question: Who directed Michael Jackson’s 1987 video for “Bad”?

Last Question: What movie starring Brooke Shields marked Tom Cruise’s first appearance in a major motion picture?

Answer: Endless Love

Great job Leviathan, Brad (@BradHouTx), and Marissa (@MarissaRapier)!!

Before he became one of the most successful actors of the ’80s, and eventually current day tabloid headliner, Tom Cruise made his big-screen debut in the Brooke Shields/Martin Hewitt romantic drama, Endless Love. It was also marked the debut of Jami Gertz, as well as very early appearances by James Spader and pre-Beverly Hills, 90210, Ian Ziering.

Here is a trailer of the movie:

And most of us are more familiar with the hit theme song by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. How many of you had this as a prom theme or wedding song?