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Daily Trivia – 5/15/12

Question: What apocalyptic 1983 TV movie aired its second half commercial-free, when sponsors declined to run ads after the nuclear war?

Last Question: What Safety First car-window sign inspired knock-offs like “Tiger in Tank” and “Dyslectic Board On”?

Answer: Baby on Board

“Baby on Board” was one of the most annoying fads of the ’80s. The signs were first marketed in 1984 by
Safety 1st Corporation. The sign was suppose to promote safe driving. I think that if you did not have one of those signs in your car window, it was open season on you! Anybody could slam into your car without a care. But, if a car had one of those yellow diamond-shaped “Baby On Board” signs, it meant that every driver on the road had to be extra cautious around that car. The signs cost about 2 dollars, and the company made over a million dollars in just 2 years.

Of course, as with most fads that consume a society, there was backlash. In this case, this consisted of parody signs, such as “Genius on Board”, “Attack Dog On Board”, “Mother-In-Law in Trunk”, and several more creative (and not so creative) signs.

Thankfully, the fad came to an end by the late ’80s. It is now safe to drive like maniacs once again!