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GenX Book Club October Selection: Bright Lights, Big City

IMG_20220912_124809__01Hi Everybody! It was a close race for October’s book selection, but the cocaine fueled Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney won by a nose!

With the publication of Bright Lights, Big City in 1984, Jay McInerney became a literary sensation, heralded as the voice of a generation. The novel follows a young man, living in Manhattan as if he owned it, through nightclubs, fashion shows, editorial offices, and loft parties as he attempts to outstrip mortality and the recurring approach of dawn. With nothing but goodwill, controlled substances, and wit to sustain him in this anti-quest, he runs until he reaches his reckoning point, where he is forced to acknowledge loss and, possibly, to rediscover his better instincts. This remarkable novel of youth and New York remains one of the most beloved, imitated, and iconic novels in America.

This book is only 182 pages, so it should be a pretty good read.

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If you have not joined the free GenX Book Club yet, there are a couple of places where you can sign up.
If you are on Facebook, there is a Facebook Group.
Or if you are not on Facebook, you can go to Bookclubs.com.
We can have some great discussions throughout the month.
For the rest of this month, we can talk about some of our favorite books. We could even talk about books that were made into movies, and discuss which were good and which were bad.

So , I hope you can come join us. And you can get started on Bright Lights, Big City anytime.

Genx Book Club

Special announcement – The GenX Book Club is up and running, and we will begin discussing the first selection this October!
The Book club can be found as a Facebook Group or can be found on Bookclubs.com for those of you not on Facebook.

We will select one book a month (for the time being) that members of Generation X will enjoy. It may be an autobiography/biography of a Gen X celebrity, or books that take place from the 1970s through the 1990s, or books that members of Gen X grew up reading. All generations are welcome here because we’re cool like that. There will be discussions throughout the month, and a Zoom meeting at the end of the month, which may be aired on the Return to the ’80s podcast. I will also try to get the author of the selected book on the call/podcast.

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