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Quote of the Day: Golden Girls

In honor of Estelle Getty, who was born on this day in 1923 (July 25, 1923 – July 22, 2008), here are some of her quotes as Sophia on Golden Girls.

Dorothy: Well Blanche is certainly taking her sister’s novel better than I would. I would kill my sister Gloria if she ever wrote about my sex life.

Sophia: You would kill your sister over a pamphlet?

Rose: Belief can be powerful. I had a sty once, and every night I would close my eyes and think about it getting smaller and smaller until it went away!

[Sophia leans on the fridge with her eyes closed]

Ma, what’s wrong?

Sophia: Nothing. I’m just trying to make Rose go away.

Blanche: I have writer’s block. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

Sophia: Try ten days without a bowel movement sometime.

Sophia: If I met a man who was over seventy but still looked half-way decent, I’d be on my back faster than you could say, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


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Daily Trivia – 6/7/11

Question: What was the name Prince’s first solo album after he and the Revolution broke up?

Last Question: On The Golden Girls, what fictional Minnesota town was Betty White’s character from?

Answer: St. Olaf

Rose Nylund hailed from St. Olaf, Minnesota. She always began stories by saying “Back in St. Olaf…”, which would drive the other girls crazy:

Rose: You know, Sophia, your problem at work reminds me of something that happened back in St. Olaf.
Sophia: Please. Dust reminds you of something that happened back in St. Olaf!

Rose: This reminds me of something that happened back in St. Olaf.
Dorothy: Oh, Rose, stop! Rose, why is it that every time one of us makes an observation, the first thing we hear from you is “Back in St. Olaf?” I mean, did it ever occur to you that maybe we’re tired of hearing “Back in St. Olaf,” “Back in St. Olaf,” “Back in St. Olaf!”
Rose: Gee, no, I… I’m sorry.
Dorothy: Oh… that’s okay.
Rose: [pauses for a moment to rethink her approach] Back in that town whose name you’re tired of hearing…
Dorothy: ROSE!

Daily Trivia – 1/19/11

Question: What group scored top-10 hits with Lady (You Bring Me Up), Oh No, and Nightshift?

Last Question: What actress, two months younger than Bea Arthur, played her mom on The Golden Girls?

Answer: Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty’s most famous role was Sophia on The Golden Girls. She also “won” a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot in 1992.
Estelle Getty (July 25, 1923 – July 22, 2008) was actually younger than Bea Arthur (May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009), even though she played her mother. Getty died of natural causes just before her 85th birthday. She had been suffering from Lewy body dementia. Bea Arthur passed away on April 25, 2009, losing her battle with cancer, and Rue McClanahan just died on June 3, 2010 after suffering a stroke. Betty White is the last remaining Golden Girl.