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Daily Trivia – 5/23/12

Question: On Empty Nest, what ’70s child star played Officer Barbara Weston?

Last Question: What Michael Keaton film about the auto industry inspired a Scott Bakula sitcom?

Answer: Gung Ho

Gung Ho, the 1986 Ron Howard film starring Michael Keaton, spawned a television series of the same name.
The main character in the movie, Hunt Stevenson, was played by Michael Keaton in the movie, and by Scott Bakula in the television show. Most of the Japanese actors reprised their roles on the show.
The Gung Ho television show was short lived, as only 9 episodes aired from 1986-1987.

Here is the movie trailer. And for the record, I wrote and published yesterday’s “Remember That Song?” article, featuring The Vapors “Turning Japanese” before I watched this trailer:

Here is the TV theme song. There are so many great things about the ’80s. But one of the best things is the television theme songs! I this case, the show was a flop, but the song is pretty good: