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Daily Trivia – 5/8/12

Question: What smash 1987 comedy was hyped: “They changed her diapers. She changed their lives”?

Last Question: What hit series shipped off two of its characters to L.A. for the spinoff Beverly Hills Buntz?

Answer: Hill Street Blues

Before Dennis Franz and his ass-cheeks became huge stars on NYPD Blue, Franz played Norman Buntz in the classic ’80s cop-drama Hill Street Blues. The network executives at NBC must have sensed that Dennis Franz had the potential to be a big star, so they spun off his character into the new show, Beverly Hills Buntz. In the show, Norman Buntz quit the police force, and became a private investigator. While Hill Street Blues was an hour long dramatic series, Beverly Hills Buntz was a half hour show that was more of a comedy. This was the opposite of what happened in the late ’70s, when the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show spun off the dramatic series, Lou Grant. Beverly Hills Buntz was not very successful as it only lasted around 9 episodes during the 1987-88 season.

Here are the opening credits of Beverly Hills Buntz:

Daily Trivia – 2/1/11

Question: What Fame star reached number one with the theme from Flashdance?

Last Question: What show became the lowest-rated series ever brought back for a second season, after it picked up a record 21 Emmy nominations?

Answer: Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues ran on NBC from 1981-1987. It did not start out with too many viewers, but it received a lot of critical acclaim. They received 8 Emmy nominations that first year, which was a record that has since been broken by The West Wing. NBC stuck with the show, wich made it the lowest-rated program ever renewed for a second season. It was only renewed for 10 episodes. But, it gained viewers, and stayed on the air until 1987. Over its seven seasons, the show earned 98 Emmy Award nominations. That averages out to 14 nominations a year.

Here is the opening theme song: