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Quote of the Day: Irreconcilable Differences

Casey Brodsky: Mother, you and dad for a long time did not recognize my rights as a human being. You both treated me like chattel. You cannot do with me as you please anymore. We have irreconcilable differences.

Irreconcilable Differences

Happy 41st Birthday to Drew Barymore!!!

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Daily Trivia – 7/6/11

Question: On Kate and Allie, What Actresses played the title characters?

Last Question: In Irreconcilable Differences, who played the divorce-filing daughter “Casey”?

Answer: Drew Barrymore

Irreconcilable Differences was about a family that fell apart. Drew Barrymore played Casey Brodsky, who was filing for a divorce from her parents, Albert (Ryan O’Neal) and Lucy (Shelley Long), and have her nanny, Maria Hernandez, become Casey’s legal guardian. Shelley Long and Drew Barrymore were nominated for Golden Globe Awards for their roles in this movie.