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Daily Trivia: 8/14/12

Question: What product’s tagline was “We’re winning the war against zits”?

Last Question: fter his run on Silver Spoons, what sitcom did Jason Bateman star in, playing teenage scam artist, Matthew Burton?

Answer: It’s Your Move (Great job Christa – @buttercup081474!!)

It’s Your Move received positive reviews when it first aired in 1984. However, it was up against the juggernaut, Dynasty. The series was cancelled in early 1985. Jason Bateman did not stay down for long, as he would go on to star in Valerie/The Hogan Family from 1986-1991.

Don’t cry for executive producers Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt, and co-star David Garrison either. Moye and Leavitt would go on the create and produce Fox’s Married…With Children, in which Garrison starred for four seasons.

Here is the opening theme from It’s Your Move: