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Daily Trivia – 1/27/11

Question: What Tim Burton film did Warner Bros. consider distributing under the title Scared Sheetless?

Last Question: What troubled NBC newswoman drowned in the Delaware Canal in 1983?

Answer: Jessica Savitch

Jessica Savitch was a Washington correspondent for NBC News before she got promoted to be the news anchor of the weekend NBC Nightly News. She was also an anchor for Frontline on PBS. However Jessica’s rise to fame apparently came with a price as rumors about drug use and instability dogged her. The following is from imdb:

Things came to a head on October 3, 1983 when, during a live news update, Jessica appeared incoherent in which her speech was slurred, she deviated from her copy and ad-libbed her report. She at first explained that her monitor had malfunctioned. But her agent inadvertently contradicted her alibi by saying that she was under medication from a head injury several weeks earlier. A short while later, Jessica seemed to get back on track for her contract at NBC was extended and she was ranked high on the list of replacements for Jane Pauley who was scheduled to take a maternity leave. But things came suddenly to an end when on Sunday, October 23, 1983, Jessica and her boyfriend, New York Post executive Martin Fischbein, drove to New Hope, Pennsylvania when they leisurely shopped for antiques. That evening, they ate dinner at the Chez Odette, a restaurant along the Delaware Canal. A fierce rainstorm set in and the couple became anxious to return to New York. Fischbein drove and Jessica sat in the back seat with her dog Chewy, a Siberian husky. The weather conditions made the driving difficult. Fischbein apparently mistook a dirt road for an exit and in a matter of seconds the car flipped off the road and plunged into the canal sinking almost instantly. Seven hours later, the bodies of 36-year-old Jessica Savitch and Martin Fischbein were pulled from the canal.

Here is Jessica’s last broadcast for NBC News Digest: