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Quotes of the Day: Cheers

In honor of John Ratzenberger’s 68th birthday, here are some Cliff Clavin quotes from Cheers:

From the 1986 Thanksgiving episode, “Thanksgiving Orphans”:

Sam Malone: Come on, you guys, come on. We don’t have to bite each others’ heads off here.
Cliff Clavin: It may be the only thing we get to eat this day, Sammy.


From the 1989 episode, “Death Takes a Holiday on Ice”:

Carla LeBec: I bet the only reason he married you was because he knocked you up.
Gloria LeBec: How do you know that?
Carla LeBec: Babe’s intuition.
Gloria LeBec: Yeah? Well, maybe that’s the same reason he married you.
Carla LeBec: Yeah, but with me, it wasn’t a cheap thrill. It was a very tender moment in the back of a Datsun hatchback.
Gloria LeBec: [raises her hand] Toyota Corolla. Front seat.
Cliff Clavin: All right ladies, ladies, let’s stop right now, huh? Uh, all this talk about conceiving your children in these cars. This makes me sick. Doesn’t anybody buy American anymore?


From the 1987 episode, “My Fair Clavin”:

Cliff Clavin: Listen up everybody. Clifford Clavin has decided to make a major life change.
Carla LeBec: Don’t bother. You’d be a dorky woman too.