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Remember That Song – 3/23/22

Can you name the artist and song:

See the people walking down the street
Fall in line just watching all their feet
They don’t know where they want to go
But they’re walking in time

91MTIT+eLCL._SL1500_Last Song: “Only The Young” by Journey from the Vision Quest Soundtrack (1985)

Great job Craig (@cdennis0130), J.V.(@JVfromOhio), and David (@David2maka)!!!

Another night in any town
You can hear the thunder of their cry
Ahead of their time
They wonder why

Remember That Song – 10/28/21

Can you name the artist and son:
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive

Last Song: “Send Her My Love” by Journey from Frontiers (1983)

Great job Craig (@cdennis0130) and Adora (@Adora2000)!!!

Callin’ out her name, I’m dreamin’
Reflections of her face, I’m seein’
It’s her voice that keeps on haunting me

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Remember That Song – 4/9/21

Can you name the artist and song:

Maybe it’s been crazy
And maybe I’m to blame
But I put my heart above my head

Last Song: “Open Arms” by Journey from Escape and Heavy Metal: Original Film Soundtrack (1982)

Great job sweetpurplejune, Adora (@Adora2000), Erwin (@erwin_green), and Craig(@cdennis0130)!!!

We sailed on together
We drifted apart
And here you are, by my side

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Remember That Song – 7/20/20

Can you name the song and the artist who covered it in the 80s:

All the things that we’ve been through
You should understand me like I understand you

Last Song: “Still They Ride” by Journey from Escape (single released in 1982)

Great job Adora (@Adora2000) and Craig (@cdennis0130)!!!

Traffic lights, keeping time
Leading the wild and restless
Through the night

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

20 Album Challenge – Day 8

The 20 Day Album challenge continues. Today’s pick is Raised On Radio by Journey.


In the ’80s, Journey was my favorite band. From the mid-70s through 1983, the band released a new album every year or 2. After Frontiers was released in 1983, Journey took a little break. Lead singer, Steve Perry, had a mega-successful solo album in Street Talk. In 1986, they returned with Raised On Radio. The drummer, Steve Smith, and founding member and bassist, Ross Valory, were no longer in the group. A lot of people complained about this album, but I loved it. This is the first album I remember going against the grain with. I always liked what I liked unashamedly. But, this is the first time where I saw so much backlash against something.

Now with the internet, and connecting with people all over the world, I’m happy to find that I’m not crazy, and that a lot of other people love this album too. I could not get enough of “Suzanne” and “Be Good To Yourself”. And the title track kicking off the second side was an incredible rocker. Another great memory I have from this album is that we took a family trip from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania. On the drive down, I listened to this brand new tape on my Walkman the entire time.

Here is Raised On Radio on Spotify:

And if you’d like to get this album on Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

20 Album Challenge – Day 4

The 20 Day Album challenge continues. My pick on Saturday, February 8 was Journey’s Departure album.


This album had a huge impact on me because Departure was the first CD I ever bought. The Compact Disc was a great brand new technology in the ’80s. We had collecting cassette tapes and vinyl albums. Now, with these new CDs, the sound was crisper, and you could skip songs immediately and much easier.
After my parents purchased a new stereo system, which included a CD player, I went to Ann & Hope and looked for a CD by my favorite band at the time – Journey. The CD section was small, and the only Journey CD they had was Departure, which was fine by me. I already had several Journey cassettes, but Departure was not one of them.

The only song I had known on there at the time was “Anyway You Want It“, which was also the first song on the CD. What a way to start! The whole album impressed me. I was blown away by “Where Were You“. And my new favorite song on the whole CD was “People and Places“. It is something so different from all of Journey’s other music. It was the coolest thing I ever heard. And it was awesome hearing Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie sharing lead vocals.

It was also cool opening up the CD insert and seeing: “Join us for our departure into the 80’s”

I still highly recommend this album. It is jam packed with a wide range of music. There are classic Journey tracks, ballads, and blues.

Here is the album on Spotify:

And if you’d like to get this album on Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

Top 40 Songs This Week – November 8, 1986: Songs 30-21

dj-casey-kasem-1987-10-17-american-top-40-80s-165Welcome back to this week’s Countdown! Today’s songs bring me back to a great time. Well, I suppose any week of ’80s music brings us back to a great time.
If you want to listen to this great music, you can click on the song title to get the YouTube video, and you can click on the album cover to get the song on Amazon.

New, let’s return to the week ending November 8, 1986, and continue the countdown on, One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!

30. “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel

We begin today’s list with the second single released from Billy Joel’s album, The Bridge, which happens to be my favorite Billy Joel album. This is a fun video featuring several cameos, including Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Joel’s then wife Christie Brinkley who is holding their baby daughter Alexa. The song would peak at #10.

29. “Throwing It All Away” by Genesis

Yet another smash hit by Genesis. This was the second single released from the classic Invisible Touch album. This song would reach #4 on the Hot 100 chart, and #1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart.

28. “Heartbeat” by Don Johnson

There were a lot of big fads in the ’80s. Yesterday, I had mentioned our love of ’50s and ’60s culture. There was also a big wave of Australia that hit the U.S. And of course, we had famous actors trying their hand in singing. Most were successful. There was Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Jack Wagner, and of course Miami Vice’s Don Johnson. This was a huge hit for Johnson, hitting the Top 10, landing at #5.

27. “Somebody’s Out There” by Triumph

I fell in love with this Canadian rock band in 1983 when I saw them perform at the US Festival. This would turn out to be one of my favorite songs by them. It was their most successful single in the U.S. landing at #27.

26. “Freedom Overspill” by Steve Winwood

I don’t remember this song at all. Yet, it was a #20 hit, and came off of Steve Winwood’s huge album, Back in the High Life. It was the second single released from the album, right between “Higher Love” and “Back in the High Life Again“. For some reason, I blocked it out. Maybe my brain can only hold so much information. Now that I’m familiar with this song, another song probably dropped out of my head.

25. “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles

Here’s another song I never heard of! What’s going on?!? Just kidding. If you have never heard of this song, you must have lived under a rock. This was the third single released off of the Bangles Different Light album. It as released in September 1986, and would hit number in December for four weeks, going into 1987. It would be the #1 song from 1987. This is the first song by an all-female group playing their own instruments to top the Billboard singles chart.

24. “Girl Can’t Help It” by Journey

Three years after Frontiers, Journey finally released a new studio album, called Raised On Radio. Steve Smith was replaced on drums by Larry Londin, and this is the only Journey album without bassist Ross Valory. As anybody who has watched American Idol knows, Randy Jackson played bass for Journey, and he won’t let you forget it. Even though Journey was a mess at this point, I still loved this album. This was the third single released, and it peaked at #17.

23. “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung

This is a fun song by the British new wave group. It has become Wang Chung’s signature song. It would reach #2 on the chart, being held out of the top spot by “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

22. “To Be a Lover” by Billy Idol

This was Billy Idol’s lead single from his Whiplash Smile album. This was originally a soul ballad from 1968, by William Bell, called “I Forgot to Be Your Lover“. This song would be Billy Idol’s 2nd Top 10 hit, peaking at #6.

21. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by Aretha Franklin

I got so tired of both “Satisfaction” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones that if I hear either of them ever again, it would be too soon. However, Aretha makes this song so awesome! I cannot get enough of anything by Aretha Franklin. This song is perfect for her. It also features Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards on guitars, and Aretha on paino. This version of the song was used for the Whoopi Goldberg film Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

What a way to go out! What do you think of the countdown so far this week? Come back tomorrow as we continue this week’s countdown.

Remember That Song – 10/18/18

Can you name the artist and song:

Let’s take a walk together near the ocean shore
Hand in hand you and I

Last Song: “Who’s Crying Now” by Journey from Escape (1981)

Great job Melissa, and Denise (@denise_mcaleer)!!!

And in a lover’s rage
They tore another page
The fighting is worth
The love they save

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below

Episode 20: Journey and Def Leppard 2018 Tour

We finally Return for another podcast episode! Paul traveled to Denver, Colorado. While there, Journey and Def Leppard were playing at Coors Field. After an awesome Journey set, Paul texted Robert to tell him about it. It turns out that Robert had seen the same show 2 nights earlier in Lincoln, Nebraska! So, a new podcast episode was born!

If you plan on seeing this concert, and want to be surprised with the set list, please come back after the show. Robert and Paul cover every song and solo played during this show.

– High School Reunion
– The Rhode Runner – Just for J 5k in Denver
– Oh, while I’m in Denver, I may as well go to the Journey and Def Leppard concert
– Crazy coincidence – 2 nights before Paul sees Journey and Def Leppard, Robert had seen the same concert in Lincoln, Nebraska
– The Pretenders opened for the show in Denver
– The Journey experience
– The Def Leppard experience
– Next up for Robert: Pat Benatar and Rick Springfield
– Paul wins an 80s Trivia contest from iHeart80s 103.7

You can get the rest of the tour dates from either Def Leppard or Journey.

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Remember That Song – 6/5/18

Can you name the artist and song:

Experience has made me rich
And now they’re after me

Last Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey from album Escape (1981)

Great job David, Roy (@rbutt14) and Karina (@WillieSun)!!!

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below