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Quote of the Day: The Man from Snowy River

Spur: [Hears stones falling behind him] How’d you find this place?
Clancy: I tracked ya.
Clancy: You silly old galah, you leave a trail like a one-legged seed drill.
Spur: Damn you Clancy, always sneekin’ around, makin’ no noise.
Clancy: I heard noise, I heard voices.
Spur: Aha, sure sign of old age when you start hearin’ things.

Happy 100th (!!!) Birthday to Kirk Douglas!!!

Quote of the Day: Tough Guys

Harry Doyle (Burt Lancaster): Archie, the Gold Coast Flier is no armored truck. It’s a 70-ton train speeding at 100 miles per hour.

Archie Long (Kirk Douglas): That didn’t stop us the last time.

Harry Doyle: The last time we were 30 years younger and we got caught. We were put away for 30 years!

Archie Long: Now we’re 30 years smarter. We won’t make the same mistakes.

Happy 98th Birthday to Kirk Douglas!!!