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Quote of the Day: Less Than Zero

Rip: Got a minute, sweetheart?
Julian: Surely.
Rip: We gots to talk business, friend.
Julian: Oh, no, all you need to do is relax. I’m gonna pay you back; all you have to do is *trust* me.
Rip: I don’t wanna trust you, Julian, I just want my 50 K, all right?
Julian: Patience is next to Godliness, Rip, didn’t I ever tell you that? Actually, it’s the flip side of cleanliness, but it’s still *pretty* fucking important if you ask me.
Rip: Then what the hell are we talking about, Julian?
Julian: We’re talking about you giving me a G on spec.
Rip: No. No. No way.
Julian: Listen, listen…
Rip: You’re crazy. Forget about it.
Julian: Come on. There’s these girls… falling all over me… for some blow. Come on.
Rip: [pauses, hands him the coke] This is the last time.
Julian: As soon as the club deal goes through, I’m recashing you every penny.
Rip: I hope so.
Julian: Well, don’t hope… trust!

Happy 57th birthday to James Spader!!!