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Madonna March Madness – Sweet 16

It’s that time of year again! While all sporting events, and pretty much everything else in life is on hold right now, Return to the 80s March Madness lives on! This year’s March Madness will feature the 80s Queen of Pop, Madonna.
Voting in the Sweet 16 begins right now, and will close at midnight on March 19. Also, if you are on Twitter, you can look for the polls on @ReturnToThe80s.
Also, please check out the special podcast where Paul and Lizzie (from the podcast Liz Laugh Cry), where we cover each song. Lizzie, an “elder Millennial” (and huge Madonna fan) has a very fun and unique perspective on these songs.
So, check out the podcast episode and vote below. You can click on the song title of each song to see its video.

Bracket 1

[poll id=”18″]

Like a Prayer     vs      Borderline


[poll id=”19″]

Live to Tell         vs      Cherish


Bracket 2

[poll id=”20″]

Papa Don’t Preach      vs   Lucky Star


[poll id=”21″]

Material Girl         vs    True Blue


Bracket 3

[poll id=”22″]

Crazy For You     vs    La Isla Bonita


[poll id=”23″]

Open Your Heart   vs    Who’s That Girl


Bracket 4

[poll id=”24″]

Like a Virgin      vs          Holiday


[poll id=”26″]

Into the Groove    vs    Express Yourself


You can find Lizzie on Instagram at @LizzieDNewton
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