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Remember That Song – 1/25/21

Can you name the artist and song:

We’ve had our share of hard times
But that’s the price we paid
And through it all we kept the promise that we made

Last Song: “Holiday” by Madonna from the album Madonna (1984)

Great job Lisa (@gabbyg89) and Roy (@rbutt14)!!!

Let love shine
And we will find
A way to come together
Can make things better

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, click on the album cover below:

Remember That Song – 12/1/20

Can you name the artist and song:

Back stage we’re having the time
Of our lives until somebody says
Forgive me if I seem out of line

Last Song: “True Blue” by Madonna from True Blue (1986)

Great job Adora (@Adora2000) and Chase (@chaselonnergan)!!!

I’ve had other lips
I’ve sailed a thousand ships
But no matter where I go
You’re the one for me baby

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, click on the album cover below:

Remember That Song – 11/13/20

Can you name the artist and song:

I’ll be there after a while
If you want my love
We can boogie on down

Last Song: “Causing A Commotion” by Madonna from Who’s That Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987)

Great job Adora (@Adora2000) and melissong (@missirocks)!!!

You met your match when you met me
I know that you will disagree it’s crazy
But opposites attract you’ll see
And I won’t let you get away so easy

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, click on the album cover below:

Remember That Song – 6/19/20

Can you name this Times Two song?

I, I’ve got the room upstairs from you
It’s a room without a view
But all that could change if I just get through, up to you

Last Song: “Express Yourself” by Madonna from the album Like A Prayer (1989)

Great job Craig (@cdennis0130) and Adora (@Adora2000)!!!

What you need is a big strong hand
To lift you to your higher ground

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, you can click on the album covers below:

Madonna March Madness – The Winner is…


Return to the ’80s Nation has spoken, and it is official. They are crazy about “Crazy for You”!!!

It was an extremely close matchup. There were 91 Twitter votes,a d “Crazy for You” beat “Like a Prayer” 53.8% – 46.2%. And on this web site “Crazy for You” won by a count of 4-3.

This tournament was so much fun! Thank you so much to everybody who participated! I truly appreciate it. It is much more fun when a lot of people partcipate.

I’m looking forward to next year’s tournament!

Madonna March Madness Finals

Madonna March Madness FinalsWell, the big moment has arrived! We have reached the finals of the Madonna March Madness Tournament. The Final Four was amazing as both match-ups were very close. And I’m sure this one will be a nail-biter as well. Here are results from the Final Four

Bracket 1

88 Votes
Like a Prayer 59.1%
Material Girl 40.9%

Web Site
Like a Prayer 4 votes
Material Girl 3 votes

Winner: Like a Prayer

Bracket 2

83 Votes
Crazy for You 54.2%
Into the Groove 45.8%

Web Site
Crazy for You 4 votes
Into the Groove 3 votes

Winner: Crazy for You


Voting open until 12 noon Eastern time on Thursday, April 2

Like a Prayer vs. Crazy For You

[poll id=”33″]

Madonna March Madness – Final Four

Madonna March MadnessWe have arrived at the Final Four of the Madonna March Madness tournament. This has been a great tournament so far. These Final Four songs are going to be involved in a great battle. The voting for the Elite Eight was a little light on the web site with only between 3-4 votes. The voting on Twitter ranged between 53-78 votes.

Here are the Elite Eight results:

Bracket 1

66 votes
Like a Prayer 57.6%
Live to Tell 42.4%

Web site
Like a Prayer 3 votes
Live to Tell 0 votes

Winner: Like a Prayer

Bracket 2

78 votes
Material Girl 59%
Papa Don’t Preach 41%

Web Site
Material Girl 3 votes
Papa Don’t Preach 1 vote

Winner: Material Girl

Bracket 3

54 votes
Crazy For You 74.1%
Open Your Heart 25.9%

Web Site
Crazy For You 3 votes
Open Your Heart 1 vote

Winner: Crazy For You

Bracket 4

53 votes
Into the Groove 62.3%
Like a Virgin 37.7%

Web Site
Like a Virgin 3 votes
Into the Groove 1 vote

Winner: Into the Groove

Final Four

Voting is open until noon Eastern time on Friday, March 27

Bracket 1

Like a Prayer vs. Material Girl

[poll id=”31″]

Bracket 2

Crazy For You vs. Into the Groove

[poll id=”32″]

Madonna March Madness – Elite 8

Madonna-March-Madness-2 Time for the next round of the Madonna March Madness! The Sweet Sixteen was very interesting, and the Elite Eight is going to be very tough to predict. In the last round, there were only 5 votes in each battle. I thank you five very much for taking the time to come to this page and vote. I truly appreciate it.

Most of the voting took place on Twitter. There weren’t any battles with close enough results for the web page results to make a difference. That could change this round. The numbers on the Twitter voting ranged from 67 to 88 votes per battle.

You can vote on the Elite Eight matchups down below. You can click on the song title to see the YouTube video. Voting will be open until midnight on Monday March 23.

If you’re curious, here are the Sweet Sixteen results:

Bracket 1A

79 votes
Like a Prayer 57%
Borderline 43%

Borderline 3 votes
Like a Prayer 2 votes

Winner: Like a Prayer

Bracket 1B

71 votes
Live to Tell 60.6%
Cherish 39.4%

Live to Tell 3 votes
Cherish 2 votes

Winner: Live to Tell

Bracket 2A

84 votes
Papa Don’t Preach 57.1%
Lucky Star 42.9%

Pap Don’t Preach 3 votes
Lucky Star 2 votes

Winner: Papa Don’t Preach

Bracket 2B

86 votes

Material Girl 65.1%
True Blue 34.9%

Material Girl 4 votes
True Blue 1 vote

Winner: Material Girl

Bracket 3A

88 votes

Crazy For You 71.6%
La Isla Bonita 28.4%

Crazy For You 4 votes
La Isla Bonita 1 vote

Winner: Crazy For You

Bracket 3B

80 votes

Open Your Heart 65%
Who’s That Girl 35%

Open Your Heart 4 votes
Who’s That Girl 1 vote

Winner: Open Your Heart

Bracket 4A

75 Votes
Like a Virgin 58.7%
Holiday 41.3%

Like a Virgin 3 votes
Holiday 2 votes

Winner: Like a Virgin

Bracket 4B

67 votes
Into the Groove 76.1%
Express Yourself 23.9%

Into the Groove 3 votes
Express Yourself 2 votes

Winner: Into the Groove

Elite Eight

Voting open until 23:59 on Monday, March 23, 2020

Bracket 1

Like a Prayer vs. Live to Tell

[poll id=”27″]

Bracket 2

Papa Don’t Preach vs. Material Girl

[poll id=”28″]

Bracket 3

Crazy For You vs. Open Your Heart

[poll id=”29″]

Bracket 4

Like a Virgin Vs. Into the Groove

[poll id=”30″]

Madonna March Madness – Sweet 16

It’s that time of year again! While all sporting events, and pretty much everything else in life is on hold right now, Return to the 80s March Madness lives on! This year’s March Madness will feature the 80s Queen of Pop, Madonna.
Voting in the Sweet 16 begins right now, and will close at midnight on March 19. Also, if you are on Twitter, you can look for the polls on @ReturnToThe80s.
Also, please check out the special podcast where Paul and Lizzie (from the podcast Liz Laugh Cry), where we cover each song. Lizzie, an “elder Millennial” (and huge Madonna fan) has a very fun and unique perspective on these songs.
So, check out the podcast episode and vote below. You can click on the song title of each song to see its video.

Bracket 1

[poll id=”18″]

Like a Prayer     vs      Borderline


[poll id=”19″]

Live to Tell         vs      Cherish


Bracket 2

[poll id=”20″]

Papa Don’t Preach      vs   Lucky Star


[poll id=”21″]

Material Girl         vs    True Blue


Bracket 3

[poll id=”22″]

Crazy For You     vs    La Isla Bonita


[poll id=”23″]

Open Your Heart   vs    Who’s That Girl


Bracket 4

[poll id=”24″]

Like a Virgin      vs          Holiday


[poll id=”26″]

Into the Groove    vs    Express Yourself


You can find Lizzie on Instagram at @LizzieDNewton
And check out her podcast Liz, Laugh, Cry on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

And you can subscribe to Return to the ’80s on:

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