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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 4/8/22

rtt80s trivia

Question: In the film The Princess Bride, what is Westley’s response to anything Buttercup requests of him?

Last Question: In the movie Major League, who, originally, was NOT invited to camp?
A. Rick Vaughn
B. Willie Mays Hayes
C. Roger Dorn
D. Pedro Cerrano

Answer: B. Willie Mays Hayes

Even though Willie Mays Hayes was not invited to camp, he got to try out because the manager liked his speed. He had a problem with hitting the ball in the air though.

Great job sweetpurplejune!!!


Return to the ’80s Trivia – 7/9/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: Which was NOT a Richard Simmons video?

A. Sweatin’ to the Oldies
B. No Ifs Ands or Butts
C. Party Off the Pounds
D. The Booty Boogie

Last Question: What 1989 sports movie featured a former “California Penal League” player named Rick Vaughn?

Answer: Major League


Quote of the Day: Major League

Willie Mays Hayes: What the hell league you been playing in?

Rick Vaughn: California Penal…

Willie Mays Hayes: Never heard of it. How’d you end up playing there?

Rick Vaughn: Stole a car.

 Happy 54th birthday to Charlie Sheen!!!

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Quote of the Day: Major League

Heywood: [Hayes has just reached on an infield single] You really knocked the crap out of that one.
Willie Mays Hayes: Oh, I plan to get at least a double out of this.
[shows Heywood his black gloves]
Willie Mays Hayes: I bought a hundred of these. One for every base I’m gonna steal. Excuse me while I take my first step toward the Hall of Fame.
Heywood: My ass.
Harry Doyle: [Hayes takes his lead off first base] We don’t know where Hayes played last year, but I’m sure he did a hell of a job.
Heywood: Real hard to steal second with your shoe untied.
Harry Doyle: [Hayes looks down, then gets thrown out by the pitcher] Throw to first… Hayes is picked off! Personally, I think we got hosed on that call.

Happy 55th birthday to Wesley Snipes!!!


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