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Happy Father’s Day! ’80s Sitcom Fathers

In honor of Father’s Day, here is a tribute to ’80s sitcom Fathers. These are listed in no particular order:

Howard Cunninghan – Happy Days

“Mr. C” had a lot to deal with. Not only did own a hardware store (Cunningham Hardware), but he had to deal with his bickering kids (Richie and Joanie), and his sometimes spacey wife, Marion. He also had to put up with Richie’s goofy friends, Potsie and Ralph Mouth, and he was also a father figure to Fonzie. Then later on, he had to deal with Fonzie’s nephew, Chachi, chasing after his daughter.
At least he got to let off steam at the Leopard Lodge or bowling for a team called the Ten Pins.

Edward Stratton III – Silver Spoons

Sure Edward Stratton may have been a bit of a man-child. But who would complain about a dad that has a train that runs through the house. And at the time, how many of us were jealous that Ricky had a full size arcade game in the house?!

Jason Seaver – Growing Pains

Dr. Jason Seaver was a psychiatrist who also taught lessons to his own kids. And how cool was he to score Springsteen tickets for his son, Mike?! Too bad Jason embarrased him on th on-street TV interview after the concert. Well, nobody’s perfect.

Steven Keaton – Family Ties

Steven was a public TV manager, and a proud former hippie, who raised four children – one of whom was a conservative free marketeer. The soft-spoken father was able to guide his family through som “very special episodes” and came through with flying colors.

Al Bundy – Married With Children

albundy2Al Bundy was the heart and soul of the Bundy family. He was cursed selling women’s shoes, and came home to a family that constantly mocked him. But he still enjoyed the simple things in life, such as sitting in front of the TV, and sticking his hand in his pants.

So who are some of your favorite sitcom dads? Mr. Drummond? The dads from My Two Dads? Tony from Who’s the Boss?

Give a shout out to your favorite dads, and Happy Father’s Day!

Daily Trivia – 4/30/12

Question: What British trio found a replacement for founding member Siobhan Fahey, who left the group after marrying rock star Dave Stewart?

Last Question: What “family” sitcom did producers originally write with Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr in mind?

Answer: Married… with Children

Married… with Children aired for 11 seasons, and was one of the first prime-time shows ever to air on the FOX network. The show was definitely much different than other sitcoms at the time, and helped put FOX in the same league as the big three networks.
The show was controversial when it first aired, bit imagine how much more so it would have been if the parts of Al and Peg Bundy went to Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr instead of Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal!? As talented as stand-up comedians Kinison and Barr were, it would have been a totally different show, and may not have been as successful.
Roseanne would go on to a very successful television career with her own unique sitecom, Roseanne. Sadly, Sam Kinison was killed by a drunk driver on April 10, 1992. But, before he died, he was able to appear in Married…With Children:

Part 1:

Part 2: