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Quote of the Day: ¡Three Amigos!

Three Amigos Not Gonna Get Paid

Lucky Day: [Lucky returning to group, now realizing that el Guapo and his gang, are real outlaws] It’s real.

Dusty Bottoms: What?

Lucky Day: This is real.

Ned Nederlander: You mean…

Lucky Day: Yes, they are going… to kill us.

[Amigos begin sobbing pathetically]

Ned Nederlander: [Sobbing] What am I doing in Mexico.

Lucky Day: [Sobbing] I’ve been shot already.

Ned Nederlander: [Sobbing] I know.

Dusty Bottoms: [Sobbing] What are we gonna do?

Ned Nederlander: [Sobbing] We’re not gonna get PAID, that’s for sure.


Happy 70th Birthday to Martin Short!!!

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Quote of the Day: Ed Grimley

Oh I get to meet Pat Sajak, like I suppose you can do better than that! No way. It just seems to me he would be a pretty decent guy, I must say. What if we became best friends, best friends in the world so I would just phone his house and say, “Is Pat there? Just tell him it’s me.” Oh yeah, that really makes sense. Like Pat Sajak doesn’t have like over a million friends probably. But then again, maybe he doesn’t. It’s difficult to say.

Happy 65th Birthday to Martin Short!!!