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Stay Alive

Before electronic games and video games became the rage, and way before adults and children became addicted to games on their phones and iPads, board games were popular activities for families. At the dawn of the electronic age, it must have been nerve-wracking to be working for a marble making company. Marbles played a major role in several games in the ’70s and ’80s, including KerPlunk, Mouse Trap, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and the game we will talk about here – Stay Alive.

Stay Alive was a Milton Bradley board game. It could be played by 2-4 players. The board was made up of sliders that could move forward and backward over a 7 by 7 grid. Each player would take turns placing a marble somewhere on the board. Then the fun begins! Each player would then move a slide. Then either a marble (or marbles) would fall in the pit underneath the board, or the marble would stay on the board. The player with the last marble staying alive was the winner.

I do remember owning this game. But, my strongest memory about the game was this classic commercial featuring Vincent Price. I do think that this commercial is from the late ’70s, but any of us who are in our 40s will remember this:

I thought that the commercial was appropriate for Halloween-time. Does anybody else remember this game? Did you have any other favorite board games?