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Episode 4: Sitcom Theme Songs, Part 1

Welcome to another episode of Return to the ’80s! This episode is the first in a series of television theme songs. Robert and Paul each pick 5 sitcom theme songs, and discuss them. A special thanks goes out to Return to the ’80s team member Sandy from Jersey for putting together these show notes. As usual, if you have any questions or comments about this episode, or anything ’80s, we would love to hear from you! Our next episode will be about Ghostbusters. Let us know if you’ve seen the new Ghostbusters movie. Also, Ghostbusters II gets trashed alot. Are there any fans if that sequel out there to defend this film? You can email us at returnto80s@gmail.com.


– Talks of Ghostbusters: new one being released on video

Stranger Things

Stranger Things coming out and how it’s a mix of 80s movies.
– Talk of inconsistency of one of the songs in Stranger Things. (Late 80s)
– Talk if how great the kids were in the show.
– Talk of Matthew Modine in Stranger Things.

Bon Jovi

– Bon Jovi coming back out. Spoke about that. Played clip of “This House Is Not For Sale“. Has 1.7 mil hits on YouTube.

80s Reboot Overdrive

– Spoke of Robert being a guest on 80’s Reboot Overdrive podcast. And Paul was talked about on the podcast as well.

Remember That Song

– Remember that Song – Tina Marie got the answer to the question, which was “The Way It Is“, sung by Bruce Hornsby.
– Plays song.
– Robert talks of how he saw him and Huey Lewis and the News in the same month
– Tim Cook also got song right.
– Reads note that Tim wrote.
– Robert gives a new Remember That Song. Can you name the artist and song:

Working in a factory eight days a week
Try to make dollar, damn what a beat
Cartoon capers happen in reality
Rich man, poor man, living in fantasy

Write in to returnto80s@gmail.com and put Remember That Song in the subject line to submit your answer.


“Who was the producers original choice to play Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties.?” Answer was Matthew Broderick which was answered by Tina Marie.
– Matthew had to decline role because his father became ill.
– New trivia- Which 2 songs in the U.S., that were sung in German, were #1 and #2 songs.

Write in to returnto80s@gmail.com and put Trivia in the subject line to submit your answer.

Main Topic – Sitcom Theme Songs

– Paul talks of old intro styles to TV shows and how he misses them, and misses opening credits.
– Covering sitcoms on this podcast, and the other categories will be split up.

Theme songs covered:
ALF (great theme song)
Growing Pains (a personal fave of mine) spoke of the show and how Leo and Matthew Perry were on it and how it was one of Paul’s favorite shows (mine too).
– Charles in Charge – Version 1 and Version 2
Gimme a Break
Head of the Class – Paul talks of when he was in the Navy and Khrystyne Haje and the Pointer Sisters came on his ship during the Gulf War.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
My Two Dads (one of my favorites)
– Talks about Red Oaks – the show that is on Netflix [But Paul remembered after recording this, that it is actually on Amazon).
Night Court (another great show)
Diff’rent Strokes – talks about how a reunion can’t be because a lot of the characters have passed away.

Wrapping Up

– Ending – talks of covering more show tunes and speaks of Blu Ray coming out Tuesday for Ghostbusters.
– And speaks of the soundtracks.
– And rewatching Ghostbusters 2

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Daily Trivia – 7/14/11

Question: When it hit #1 with “We Built This City” in 1985, this group was on the third version of its name. What are the three names?

Last Question: On My Two Dads, who played the two dads?

Answer: Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan

My Two Dads aired on NBC from 1987-1990. Here is the show synopsis from Wikipedia:

The show begins when Marcy Bradford (Emma Samms), the mother of Nicole Bradford (Staci Keanan), dies. The two men who had competed for the woman’s affections before Nicole was born — Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser) and Joey Harris (Greg Evigan) — are awarded joint custody of Nicole. The mix-ups of two single men raising a teenage daughter provided the story each week. Judge Margaret W. Wilbur (Florence Stanley), a family court judge, would frequently visit the new family and served as Nicole’s mentor.

Nicole’s actual paternity was never revealed on the show. However, in the episode “Pop, the Question”, Michael and Joey — after they had a falling out — had a DNA test run to determine which of them was Nicole’s biological father. However, the test was conducted against Nicole’s wishes, so she destroyed the results before opening them since she was happier not knowing who the father was. Michael and Joey later resolve their differences and reconcile. Judge Wilbur looks at the results, but throws them away without revealing them to the audience.

Paul Reiser previously played a goofy detective in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, and was in Aliens. After My Two Dads, Reiser had the role he is most known for – Paul Buchman on Mad About You. He tried to make a comeback to television in April this year with a new show – The Paul Reiser Show. Unfortunately for him, the show only lasted 2 episodes before it was cancelled.

In addition to My Two Dads, Greg Evigan was best known as as Billie Joe ‘BJ’ McKay from the television show B.J. and the Bear (1979-1981). He has not had any major roles since My Two Dads, but has appeared in guest spots on many television shows and movies over the years.

After My Two Dads, Staci Keanan was in another successful show – Step by Step (1991–1998), starring Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy. She hasn’t had any major roles since then.