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Pogo Ball

Were you a Pogo Ball master? Or did you break your ass trying to hop around on one of these things? Hasbro produced the Saturn-shaped toy fad of the mid-80s. The Pogo Ball is an inflatable ball with a durable-plastic foot stand around it. The Pogo Ball had the same function as a Pogo Stick – hop around like crazy. But instead of handles, you would stand on the plastic stand and grip the ball with your feet. Who needs handles anyway? You can use your hands to break your fall!

The Pogo Ball peaked a little too soon. Hasbro stopped producing it in the early ’90s. If the craze could have lasted a few more years, there could have been some Pogo Ball competitions in the Extreme/X-Games.

Who knows? Maybe the Pogo Ball can make a Return some day.

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