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Daily Trivia – 9/30/11

Question: What American League team won a World Series despite a 29-52 regular-season road record?

Last Question: What show featuring the exploits of everyday folks was hosted by luminaries like Byron Allen, Mark Russell and Fred Willard?

Answer: Real People

Before all the reality show crap that is out there now, we had Real People. Real People had the format of a comedy talk show taped in front of a large studio audience. Each segment featured a news report consisting of visits to people with unique occupations or hobbies, occasionally bringing some of them in-studio to interact with the audience.
Regular hosts included John Barbour, Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, Skip Stephenson, Bill Rafferty, Mark Russell, Peter Billingsley, and Fred Willard. The series that aired from 1979 to 1984.