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Daily Trivia – 1/17/11

Question: What board game promised: “You do not have to be a Rembrandt – stick figures and squiggly lines will do just fine”?

Last Question: What Richard Chamberlain miniseries costarred Toshiro Mifune as Lord Yoshi Toranaga?

Answer: Shogun

Shogun was based on a novel by James Clavell. The miniseries was broadcast over five nights, between September 15 and September 19, 1980 on NBC. Richard Chamberlain was no stranger to television mini-series. He also starred in Centennial (my personal favorite), William Bast’s The Man in the Iron Mask, and maybe the one he is most known for – The Thorn Birds.
Most recently, Chamberlain appeared as a villain, called the The Belgian, in the television show Chuck this season.