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Remember That Song – 11/2/21

Can you name the artist and song:

Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way I bet
So don’t underestimate my point of view

Last Song: “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” by Robert Palmer from Riptide (1986) and originally by Cherrelle from Fragile (1984)

Great job Craig (@cdennis0130) and Brent (@jonbrent13 )!!!

Now I bring you home
You told me goodnight’s not enough for you
I’m sorry baby

If you’d like to get the song from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

Top 40 Songs This Week – April 5, 1986: Songs 10-1

Well we have arrived at our Top 10 of the week. If you missed the previous songs, check out songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11. This has been a fun week so far. So, let’s get this going, and Return to the week ending April 5, 1986, and wrap up this week’s countdown! And as usual, if you’d like to listen to the song on YouTube, click on the song title. And if you want to listen or buy this song on Amazon, you can click on the album cover.

10. “Nikita” by Elton John

Ah, the good ole days of the Cold War. Too bad those days are over, right? Right? Well, maybe we’ll get a Nikita ’18 update version this year.
One cool thing about this song that I didn’t know, is that George Michael and Nik Kershaw are on the backing vocals.


9. “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer

This is one of the most iconic music videos ever. The five models in the video are Julie Pankhurst (keyboard), Patty Kelly (guitar), Mak Gilchrist (bass guitar), Julia Bolino (guitar), and Kathy Davies (drums). Andy Taylor of Duran Duran (and a bandmate of Palmer’s from The Power Station) provides lead guitar.


8. “Let’s Go All the Way” by Sly Fox

This very cool song was the only Top 40 hit for Sly Fox, making them a one-hit wonder.

7. “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

This worldwide smash hit was The Bangles’ first hit single. It was originally intended for the group Apollonia 6 in 1984. And yes, that means it was written by Prince.


6. “What You Need” by INXS

This was the first Top 10 hit for INXS in the U.S. At the Countdown Music and Video Awards for 1985, in Australia, this won for Best Video.



5. “These Dreams” by Heart

This was the first Heart single on which Nancy Wilson performed lead vocals instead of Ann. It would also be Heart’s first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100.


4. “Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr

This was was Atlantic Starr’s true breakthrough hit on the pop charts in both the US and UK.



3. “Kiss” by Prince & The Revolution

I still remember listening to the radio while playing a computer game, when the DJ said that they were going to play the new Prince song, “Kiss”, for the first time. It was exciting for me to be able to catch the debut of a song on the radio. I’ve been a fan of this song ever since.

2. “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” by John Cougar Mellencamp

This is a fun rocker by Mellencamp, who had quite a good run of hit songs throughout the ’80s.

1. “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco

And we have arrived at the #1 song of the week! Of course, it’s a song that will be stuck in your head the rest of the day. While Falco was wildly popular in Germany, his native Austria, and much of Europe, this was his only #1 hit in both the U.S. and U.K. With “Rock Me Amadeus”, Falco became the first German-speaking artist to be credited with a number-one single in all mainstream US pop singles charts: the Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box Top 100 Singles. Prior to Falco, “99 Luftballons” by Nena got to number one on Cashbox, but peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Well that wraps up this week’s countdown. I hope you enjoyed it. What were some of your favorite songs this week? And get your passports ready! The next time, we will go back to the U.K. to do a Top 40 there! Until then, Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

Daily Trivia – 8/3/11

Question: What heavyweight was derided as “Boneclutcher,” for grabbing on to Mike Tyson in a 1987 title bout?

Last Question: What frontman joined Duran Duran’s John and Andy Taylor to form Power Station?

Answer: Robert Palmer

Power Station was a supergroup that consisted of Robert Palmer (pre-“Addicted to Love”), former Chic (“Le Freak”) drummer Tony Thompson, and Duran Duran members John Taylor (bass) and Andy Taylor (guitar).
After Duran Duran’s third album Seven and the Ragged Tiger, the members of the band split into two projects. One of these was the band Arcadia, and the other was Power Station.

On February 16, 1985, the band performed “Some Like It Hot” and “Get It On (Bang A Gong)” on Saturday Night Live.

The band was so successful that Robert Palmer decided to take advantage of his fame, and released his solo album Riptide.

Power Station went on to tour with singer/actor Michael Des Barres (formerly of Silverhead, Checquered Past and Detective). Des Barres also performed with them at Live Aid in Philadelphia that summer.

The band folded later in 1985. The band reunited ten years later with its original members, including Palmer. In 1996, they came out with the album Living In Fear, but disbanded permanently soon after.

Both Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson died late in 2003.

Here are the band’s top 2 hits:

Some Like It Hot

Get It On (Bang a Gong)