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Daily Trivia – 3/29/12

Question: Who got remarried to his first wife the same year he starred in a dud called Dead Bang?

Last Question: hat daytime soap had aired a record 35 years when NBC replaced it with a game show called Wordplay in 1986?

Answer: Search for Tomorrow

Search for Tomorrow premiered on September 3, 1951 on CBS. The show had been airing at 12:30 pm on CBS until 1981, when CBS changed it to 2:30 pm. The ratings then dropped, and CBS cancelled the show and aired it’s last episode on March 26, 1982. It then moved to NBC the following Monday. NBC moved the show back to 12:30 pm, but the ratings did not improve, and actually got worse. The final episode aired on December 26, 1986, a run of thirty-five years. At the time of its final broadcast it was the longest-running non-news program on television. This record was soon broken by Guiding Light which had premiered on television nine months after Search for Tomorrow.

For the first 30 years, this was the opening:

Then the theme was changed to a more pop feel:

Search for Tomorrow was replaced by the Tom Kennedy game show Wordplay, which aired until September 4, 1987. Here is a full episode: