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Quote of the Day: Little Nikita

Character(s): Jeff Grant, Roy Parmenter
Film ‘LITTLE NIKITA’ (1988)
18 March 1988
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Roy Parmenter: Jeffrey Nicholas Grant.

Jeff Grant: Well, that sounds official.

Roy Parmenter: Your parents are Russian spies. Your parents are KGB agents. “Sleepers,” they’re called.

Roy Parmenter: Deep cover. They blend with the country they’re assigned to. Own homes, hold jobs, raise families. They sleep for years. But when they awake, they’re lethal.

Jeff Grant: Let’s go back to your Air Force Academy investigation. What happened to that?

Roy Parmenter: What about it?

Jeff Grant: What happened to your investigation?

Roy Parmenter: There wasn’t any.

Roy Parmenter: Richard and Elizabeth Grant entered this country through Canada. Took their IDs off headstones in the Spokane Cemetery. Three years later, you were born. Wanna’ see your birth certificate?

Jeff Grant: No, thanks.

Roy Parmenter: Sure you don’t want some chips? I exist on corn chips and jalapeños. Not too swift around a stove.

Happy 92nd Birthday to Sidney Poitier!!!

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Quote of the Day: Little Nikita

Jeff Grant: Look Mr. F.B.I man, if you’re so sure and if you’re so right, why don’t you just arrest them?

Roy Parmenter: Well, because… they haven’t done anything yet.

Jeff Grant: You manipulating son of a bitch!

Happy 88th Birthday to Sidney Poitier!!!

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